Everything About Windows,Reseller & Cheap Webhosting


If you are you planning to start a blog or a website then you might opt for a cheap webhosting to suit your budget.Finding a cheap webhosting can be a daunting task for many as these days a lot of hosting providers are offering cheap hosting plans for bloggers and webmasters which promise unlimited bandwidth,unlimited domain hosting and disk space.

Webmasters should choose web hosting carefully as cheap webhosting is good for those who have just started their online business and tight on budget.As the web hosting market has become highly competitive users now have the option to choose the best suited option by comparing various service providers.It should be noted that cheap webhosting is not very ideal for programmers,developers and for those who have plans to have a large number of sites.

Windows hosting is an alternative to users who are using Linux or Unix web hosting.Windows hosting uses Windows operating system to host files on web server and price of Windows hosting is usually higher than Linux/Unix hosting.

Users find Windows hosting some what easy and is also compatible with .NET and Microsoft Access,supports languages such as HTTP and PHP.Drawback of Windows hosting is that it is slow,is not as stable as Unix hosting which means that your site will have downtime and needs more bandwidth and space.It is good for those users who use FrontPage for their site or blog.

Reseller Webhosting is form of web hosting where the user who is the account owner sells online space to others who want to host their site.It requires low investment as the owner shares his investment with other users also.

The owner of reseller hosting are just providers of hosting service and are not involved with the maintenance of web hosting and requires no technical knowledge.

Which type of web hosting you will opt for?


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