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Apple Inc. has invested a lot of resources to advance home automation systems. The company has been in the forefront to reinvent homes designed for comfort, security, and elegance. Over the recent past, Apple Inc. has developed various applications for hardware that enhance the flexibility of creating better home automation, and many developers have now flooded the Apple store with various apps designed to stretch the limits of home automation.

These apps are capable of controlling devices using progressive automation technology from https://www.progressiveautomations.com. This article is going to explore some of the best home automation apps found on the Apple store.

Home Kit Automation Apps for IPhone

Home remote is one of the applications that is capable of controlling a range of devices across different brands and platforms. The developers created an intuitive user design that allows users to create their buttons for faster access and functionality. Insteon for Hub which is a free app in the store, allows users to control all Insteon light bulbs, wall switches, outlets, thermostats and more. Though the hub is primarily for Insteon products, it delivers a great deal of flexibility including and not limited to remote control of lighting, thermostat operations, wifi cameras among others. It is also compatible with Apple watch and fairly easy to use. Quickswitch by Belkin Wemo also features an intuitive interface for controlling a wide range of applications by Belkin Wemo. Products by Belkin Wemo are one of the latest entrants into the market at very competitive prices and being able to control their products from Today screen, and Apple watches not only convenient but also an irresistible offer.

Smart rules in one of the best Apple apps in the store offering more flexibility and rule-based operations to your home devices. It allows the user to create custom rules for each device. The configurations allow the user to maintain absolute control over their homes. For instance, it can always be configured to open the garage door when sensors detect the car is coming or light when sensors detect motion. Revolve is multiplatform that controls almost all devices and brands in the market. It is designed to control devices regardless of brand or protocol and enables the user to control your lights, your locks, thermostats, and sensors as well as your outlets, switches and even your audio speakers. Despite able to control multiplatform devices, it features a major setback that it cannot be controlled via an Apple watch. However, it is likely to be integrated and controllable via smartwatch in the near future. Loxone app which has been designed to perform and offer the best user experience features multiplatform control of devices and application. It is driven by functionality and performance whilst upholding the highest standards of user experience.

The best home automation app in the Apple store currently is Savant. It is a free application which is rich in features and great capabilities. It is currently in the lead in the smart home automation industry and allows the user to control lights, temperature, security and of course home entertainment. It is easily customizable and allows the user to create functionality driven menus and shortcuts to be able to perform some tasks faster and easier. The app’s interface was designed to impress and wasn’t traded for simplicity or performance.

Concisely, the aforementioned apps have revolutionized smart home automation industry. Apple Inc. has played a leading role by relentlessly being innovative and giving the players in the industry the platform to contribute positively in developing home automation.

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