How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Window 7


Deleted A File But Want It Back? No Problem… Files get deleted in either one of the following two ways.

1. Directly press the DEL key and the file gets transferred to the recycle bin.
2. Press Shift + DEL, this will permanently delete the files.

If you use the first method to delete the files then it is very easy to restore the same but if you have used the second method to delete files but want to restore it then?

By permanently deleting the files and folders you have by passed the Recycle Bin and hence Windows does not allow you to restore them from the storage media devices.

EaseUs provides free software for data recovery and can help recover the files that were deleted by using Shift and DEL keys and hence are not available in Recycle Bin. Whether it is PowerPoint, Excel, Word, emails, videos, music, photos or database you can recover them all.


• The most important feature is that you can recover deleted files or folders
• Recover files from Lost or Missing folders
• Recognize and then preserve the file names while you restore the files and folders.
• Supports Multi-Disk Drive – Performs EXT2/EXT3, FAT/NTFS recovery on EIDE, IDE, SCSI, EIDE as well as SATA Disk.

How To Recover Shift Deleted Files In Window 7

Recovering the files that have been shift deleted is not a very complex process. Follow the below mentioned steps to do the same.

Step 1: Open the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Now choose all of the files that you would like to recover and then click on ‘Next’ to go on to the next step.

recover deleted files windows 7

Step 2: Choose the disk from where you have lost the data and then hit ‘Scan’. The software will begin scanning the disk and find all of the files that you intend on recovering. In case you have lost your partition then choose ‘Lost Disk Drives’ and follow it up with ‘Scan’ to continue with the file recovery.

choose the file to recover

Step 3: Once the scanning is done, you can check out all the recoverable files and then choose only those that you require. Now click on the ‘Recover’ button which will get the selected files back. Now you will have to save all of the recovered files onto a different disk in order to prevent data overwriting.

recover file

By carrying out such a simple procedure you will be able to recover all of the files that you require with absolute ease.

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