How to Recycle Old Laptops


We live in an era of constant innovation in consumer technology, so if you just bought Macbook Air and now thinking what to do with your old laptop. Getting rid of your laptop is not easy as throwing in trash.

Laptops contains metals which can pose environmental issues if discarded or disposed improperly. However, recycling old or broken laptop can be a good solution. We have already covered ways to dispose old smartphones and selling old phone for cash.

recycle old laptops

1. Take a backup of all of your personal data

Before you dispose your old laptop it is advisable that you have a back up of your personal data. You can use a portable USB Hard Drive or an external hard drive to make a copy of your personal and important data. Be sure that you have taken a complete backup before disposing.

2. Erase all of your Personal data

Once you have taken a backup of personal data it is best to delete your private data so that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Use Darick’s Boot and Nuke (DBAN) a popular freeware program which overwrites each sector on your hard drive and make data unrecoverable. Download the .iso file, burn to disk and boot your computer using DBAN after entering the BIOS screen. WipeDrive is another tool which is a paid version used to remove data completely.

3. Clean up Laptop before giving away

If you are sending your laptop for recycle, make sure that you wipe down monitor and keys of laptop. Wipe the laptop screen with a soft and damp cloth carefully. Clean the gaps in between keys on the keyboard as they become really dirty after constant long use.

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4. Alternatives to Recycling

If laptop is in working condition then why not to make some petty cash by selling your old laptop in ebay or craigslist.

If your laptop has become old or obsolete then you can donate it to charity to a reputed Institution. There may be many non-profit organization near your place. Research a reputed charitable institution by going through The National Cristina Foundation website.

Search online for reputed recycling service near your place. Best Buy, Dell and Apple have initiated Recycling Programs for old and broken laptops.

What you do to your old laptops?

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