Extensify Lets You To Install Tweaks Without Jailbreaking iPhone


Jailbreaking iPhone has its own pros and cons,  one of  the reason for jailbreaking iPhone is that you can customize your iOS device by installing various tweaks. If you are running iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch on the latest version of iOS to your disappointment there is no jalbreak for iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.2.1.

While everyone is waiting for the release of the jailbreak for the latest version of iOS, an app named as Extensify is launched which allows users to tweak third-party apps with no jailbreak required.

Install Tweaks iPhone No Jailbreak

Extensify Lets You To Install Tweaks Without Jailbreaking iPhone 

Extensify is not like Cydia, infact Extensify gives users to install the tweaked version of the app dubbed as Exos, which has a small “+” sign next to them. Taking an example, if you have installed tweaked version of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram then the tweaked version of the app will appear as “Twitter+”, “Facebook+” and “Instagram+” on the Home screen of your iPhone. You are free to install the official version as well as the tweaked version of the app on your iOS device.

Extensify Features

Extensify is currently in its soft launch stage and you will have to apply for a promo code at https://extensify.io/softlaunch/ to try the app on your iPhone before the official launch.

Extensify is compatible with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 8 or iOS 9.


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