Useful iPhone Secret Codes You Should Know 2016

iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world with millions of apps available in the App Store for download. Did you know that iPhone has hidden secret codes?

iPhone secret codes are used to access hidden information your iPhone and make changes to its private settings. iPhone hidden secret codes are quite useful for developers.


To use these iPhone secret codes on your iPhone, open up your phone’s dial pad and enter the codes as shown. These secret codes on will work on most of the iPhones.

iphone scret codes

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 iPhone Secret Codes You Should Know 2016

1.  *3001#12345#*:  Field Test opens you field mode which contains all of iPhone inner settings, cell information, and newest network.

2.  *#06# :  Allows you to see the IMEI unique number.

3.  *33*# :  Turns on Call Blocking.

4.  #33*# : Turns off Call Blocking.

5.   *43# :  Shows Call Waiting.

6.   #43# :  Disable Call Waiting.

7.  *#43# : Shows  information about Call Waiting.

8. *#61# : Allows you to check missed calls.

9.  *#62# : Show number which receives calls forwarded from your phone.

10.   #002# :  Turns off the Call Forward from your phone.

11.  *#33# : Shows  the status of your call barring settings.

12.   *33*# :  Turn On Call barring.

13.   #33*# : Turn Off Call barring.

14.  #21# :  Set inquiry for call forwards.

15.  *#30# : Lets you see the number of No Caller ID calls.

16.  *#31# :  Allows you to hide your number.

17.  *3370#:  EFR mode (Enhanced Full Rate)  Improves the quality of  voice calls but reduces battery.

18.  *#5005*7672# :  Gets you mobile carrier’s message centre.

If you are aware of other iPhone secret codes, feel free to share in comment below!




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