SetUp iCloud KeyChain In iOS 10 On iPhone, iPad- Complete Guide


Apple added iCloud Keychain feature with the release of iOS 7 enabling users to set up and manage Safari website usernames, passwords, credit card information on iPhone and sync them across other approved devices.

Let us go through the guide to set up iCloud Keychain in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad.

Normally, while updating iPhone, iPad to the latest firmware you will be asked by the setup assistant to set up iCloud KeyChain. If you haven’t enabled iCloud KeyChain in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad, follow the guide.

Guide To SetUp iCloud KeyChain On iPhone, iPad

Launch Settings App on your iPhone, iPad.

Tap on iCloud by scrolling down.


Now, Tap on iKeyChain.


Enable iCloud KeyChain by turning the slider to ON.




You will have to create iCloud Security Code and enter iCloud Security Code.



You will have to now enter your country name, add phone number by tapping on Next on the screen.



Voila! You have set up iCloud KeyChain successfully in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad.

To access your saved Passwords and credit card information using iCloud KeyChain in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad

Launch Settings App on iPhone, iPad.

Tap on Safari and tap on Passwords and Autofills.




Add names, Passwords and Credit Card information. Enter Passcode when prompted.


Have you set up iCloud KeyChain in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad?

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