What Are Software Development Life Cycle And Software Development Models


SDLC stands for Software Development Life Cycle. Software Development Life Cycle is a step-by-step process followed by the software development team to design, develop and test high quality software.The aim of SDLC is to produce a software which is of high quality, cost-effective and meets the demand of the client.

Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC has a series of phases which are followed in designing and development of a software product. The requirement is the first phase in SDLC which is followed by designing the product. The code is produced according to the design of the software product which is called development phase. Once coding and development phase is over the product is tested and then deployed in the market.


There are six phases in  Software development life cycle, SDLC .

Phases In Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC

Requirement gathering and analysis


Implementation or coding




1.  Requirement gathering and analysis

Requirement gathering and analysis is one of the most important parts of  SDLC which is done by experienced software developers from the organization, stakeholders, and the end user. Once the requirement analysis is done the next step is to define and document the product requirements, a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document is prepared. SRS document consists of all the product requirements which will be designed and developed in the project.

2. Design

In this phase, the system and software design is prepared which is specified in System Requirement Specification document. More than one design of the product is prepared and documented in a Design Document Specification- DDS which is reviewed by the stakeholders.

3. Implementation or Coding

In implementation or coding phase the development of the product starts based on the Design Document Specification. In this phase, the programming code is generated and is the longest phase of the SDLC.

4.  Testing

In the testing phase, the errors in the products are detected, tracked and fixed as per the design defined in the SRS in the design stage.

5. Deployment

Once successful testing of the product is done, the product is deployed to the customers for use. The product may be deployed in different stages by the business organization, first, they will do beta testing of the product to rule out bugs if any. If bugs are found they are reported to the team to make the required changes and then final deployment of the product takes place.

6. Maintenance

Once when the customers start using the developed product its maintenance is done for the existing customers over a period of time.

SDLC Models

The SDLC Models or Software Development Process Models are the various models followed during the software development process by various organizations. It is imperative to choose the right type of the model for the development of the product.

Following are the SDLC models followed by various Organizations

Waterfall model

V model

Incremental model

RAD model

Agile model

Iterative model

Spiral model

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