Software that Has Changed the Mac World


The Apple Macintosh computer is over 30 years old. During its existence, the humble Mac has grown into worldwide fame and pushed the envelope in terms of software development at the same time. While the Mac world has not always enjoyed its fair share of applications, there are plenty of revolutionary examples of a good computer program that changed people’s lives.


Steve Jobs was the man behind the push for a new type of technology and software. He wanted to ensure customers that switched from PC to Mac would be able to find enough native content, inviting developers to join the movement for a new type of computing. So, what is the software that made Mac users’ lives easier? Here are just some of the programs that have changed the Mac world.

Software that Has Changed the Mac World


When it comes to a computer program that helps connect people, FaceTime has been at the forefront. The software was developed by Apple and it has been part of the core operating system for a long time. In a way, it helped pave the way to the new instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and even revolutionized how video communication takes place. While most people are used to thinking Skype as the transforming computer program, many features have in fact been brought about by Apple’s FaceTime.




In terms of modern software, Alfred is a must-have product for a Mac. The application launcher makes workflows extremely powerful, with the automation tool, ensuring you can perform multiple tasks with the product. The most impressive thing about the computer program is how it is fully free to download to your Mac. Despite being offered the free version, professional users should definitely consider adding the Powerpack version on their platform – the fee is not too much for such a handy software.




iTunes is another built-in Mac software that has transformed how the world listens to music. The big breakthrough for iTunes was naturally the introduction of iPods. Suddenly the software wasn’t just something you run on the computer, but actual hardware you can carry around with you. iTunes has continued to innovate ever since it first launched in the operating system. It’s now not just a place for music, but also a platform for finding books, TV shows, and movies. It has transformed from a humble computer program for music to a full-fledged entertainment center.




Your Mac offers a lot of flexibility in terms of its energy use, but sometimes you need more. The Amphetamine software allows you to tweak the energy settings, making it easier to change how your device uses power when it’s doing different things. For instance, you can enable battery trigger deactivation at a different time to ensure your energy use doesn’t slow down at any point. The great thing about the computer program is the fact it’s free for everyone to use.




Dropbox has become one of the most popular cloud-based software solutions, not only for Mac but the computing world as a whole. The software is indeed moving increasingly away from something you add directly to your hardware into a system where only part of the program runs on the hardware it is used. Furthermore, Dropbox has also helped to connect the Mac computers and devices to other devices. Sharing files and information have become much easier with the help of these cloud-storage solutions because disks and such have been removed from the equation.




Perhaps one of the most welcomed software changes came about when Microsoft-based programs became available for Mac. The competition between the two companies used to be rather fierce and it wasn’t possible to run Microsoft on a Mac or Mac on a Windows PC for a long time. Yet, nowadays this kind of software has been readily available, such as in the case of Parallels. The computer program has the benefit that you don’t need to reboot your Mac in order to launch Windows-based applications. This can be a lifesaver for professional users and the businesses requiring this kind of multi-platform use. The software can also be relatively cost-effective if you utilize discounts for Parallels online.




Finally, a text-formatting software has been at the center of operating systems for a long time. In terms of applications, the aText is a modern option for Macs. The $5 app has a lot of features and it can cut down the time you spend typing away on your Mac. The shortcuts you are able to add are almost limitless and you’ll be in charge. This type of computer program can be great even as a utility tool for the disabled.


There is plenty of amazing software options available for Mac. The software has helped shape the Mac world and offered plenty of innovation in the world of application development as a whole. As the Mac family continues to grow and become increasingly popular, it’ll be exciting to see what else comes up in the years to come.

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