Use the SOS Feature on Samsung Galaxy S6 – How To


Samsung Galaxy S6 is an awesome device with new features. “SOS” feature on the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge can be a life saver. God forbid, if you are in an emergency situation you can use “SOS” feature to save yourself. Read on, how to use SOS feature in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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How To Use the SOS Feature on Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Go to Settings on your Galaxy S6 and then tap on “Privacy and Safety”.

2. Now, when in “Privacy and Safety” menu tap on “Send SOS messages”. You will have to “Turn on” “Send SOS messages”.

3. Tap on Agree on Terms and condition page.

4. A pop up will appear, you will have to add at least one emergency contact from your Contact list to send SOS messages. Choose up to 4 contacts to whom you want to send SOS message.

5. When you have added the contacts. Tap “Done,” and then press the back button. You will have an option to review the information which you can send.

6. To check if SOS feature is activated or not, tap 3 times your home button and you find a prompt to send SOS message.

7. You can send pictures and audio as alert message to your emergency contacts.

Check out this video showing how to use SOS feature in the Galaxy S6

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