The Importance of SEO


Today’s hottest start-up businesses aren’t operating out of traditional offices. They exist online, with their employees working from home or from co-working spaces. Since these businesses don’t require the funds typically necessary to start a company, new ones crop of every day. This makes it difficult for established businesses to keep up, let alone for a new one to stand out from the crowd. No company can afford to let people forget about it. Marketing is more important now than it ever was in the past.

The best marketing is organic. If you are selling a product or service that people already want, your business is bound to find a certain degree of success without much effort. However, no business can hope to be successful merely by existing. It has to seek out new customers, and then it has to work twice as hard to keep those customers coming back. SEO marketing is a key component in making sure that people don’t forget who you are.

importance of SEO

Local SEO services provide a great way for you to get your company’s name out there without being pushy or alienating people. A good business website needs to contain a lot of writing. This is of paramount importance, since it is so crucial from the consumer end even though businesses tend to discount it. On the surface, it is helpful to provide your customers with enough information for them to feel comfortable spending their money at your portal. On a deeper level, this information is where the more technical aspects of marketing occur.

SEO marketing, or search engine optimization, seems simple: it involves embedding popular keywords into the content of a website so the site appears in search engine results. This way, when people search for things they want or need, they will come across your company, even if they had not previously known it existed. SEO is not as simple as flooding a website’s HTML and meta fields with lists of popular keywords. Google filters out sites that do that and sometimes completely removes them from its listings. The keywords need to be integrated into real content, ideally in a way that doesn’t seem forced or obvious. People are savvy to money-making tactics, and they can tell when a company hasn’t bothered to produce quality content.

Content should not be static. It needs to be refreshed and updated fairly often to phase out old keywords and introduce new ones. Updates also boost a site’s Google rankings. A feature like a weekly blog section is incredibly beneficial, but all of the other pages within the site should be updated periodically as well. The homepage is not the only part of the site that matters. If someone searches for a specific product, he or she should be directed to the page where it is featured and sold, not to the company’s main page. If people have to do a lot of work to find what they need, they will spend their money elsewhere.

Online marketing is a creative field. Talented writers, not tech wizards, are the ones who will boost your business.


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