5 Ways to Watch TV Without Actually Owning a TV


More and more people are making the change to a cable-free methods of watching their favorite shows and movies. Whether you’re motivated to do it to cut costs or to encourage your family to watch less: Let’s face it, there are certain shows you’re just not going to want to miss. Here are a few ways to do just that — without ever touching a television.

There’s no question Hulu’s spot on this list is guaranteed. It’s the largest (legal) streaming site available to the public right now. You can stream dozens of television shows and movies, and that’s only referring to the free version. Subscribe to Hulu Plus and you’ll unlock enough options to keep you busy for months without ever watching the same thing twice.
Hulu plus offers a week-long free trial so you can test its legs to see if it’s something you’ll use regularly. And you will use it regularly; for $8 per month, you just can’t go wrong.


YouTube has been around for a long time. It’s always been there for tutorials, music videos and funny viral short clips. But over the last five years YouTube has absolutely exploded onto the entertainment scene, with entertainers ranging from the daily vlogger to the comedian to the cover-artist-turned-major-musician. On top of YouTube originals, there is also an extensive selection of documentaries and full movies and television shows available to stream. If you’re looking for entertainment outside of your television, look no further than YouTube, my friend.
As an added bonus, YouTube doubles as a social networking site. Create a profile and join the action to see what it’s all about. If you’re cutting the cable cord as an effort to cut costs, you’ll likely still want a solid internet connection. While you’re simplifying things, look for a package that offers DSL if you already have a mobile phone plan or two in the household. That way you’ll get the bandwidth you need to access your shows online, and you won’t pay for a service you know you won’t use.

As the go-to home delivery DVD program, Netflix is a wonderful way to stay connected to your favorite shows the best way possible: in binge mode. Who watches shows one at a time anymore? Subscribe to Netflix and watch a whole season in a weekend, or shamelessly rewatch your favorites over and over again. No matter if you’re a thrill seeker, a rom com lover, anime fanatic, documentary addict, or just dabble in a little of everything, there’s something on Netflix for you.

And it’s great for families too. There are so many kids shows and movies on Netflix that you’ll probably end up catching yourself watching them long after your kids have left the room. Take advantage of the month-long free trial, and if it tickles your fancy, give the full subscription a try. You can always cancel it if you don’t use it much, but that much streaming for under $10 per month is quite the steal.

Network Sites
Netflix and Hulu are great for watching shows after each season ends, but you might not have the patience to wait that long. Many television networks feature full episode streaming right from their site. Take ABC, for example. Their website features streaming of the latest episodes of all your favorite shows, from Scandal to Grey’s Anatomy, and Modern Family to Dancing With the Stars.
The Cw, Fox, and CBS and others also offer the same service.There will be short commercial breaks intermittently throughout the stream, but regardless, you’ll be able to get your favorite shows completely free of charge. And what better way to watch is there than when it’s free?

Can I Stream.It?
Can I Stream.It is a handy way to search all of the before mentioned sites and more to see whether a specific show is available to stream anywhere on the web. While most of the streaming sites it suggests require a subscription or a nominal fee (think Amazon, iTunes, RedBox Instant, Crackle, etc.), it’s a good place to check when you’re dead set on watching a particular show or movie and you’re about to give up. Can I Stream.It is sort of the be-all-end-all of online streaming. If it can be streamed online –legally — you will find it on there.
Are you still thinking about cutting the cord? Does living in a world without cable television give you the willies, or do you think you’re up to it? If you do decide to cut that cord, know that you’re not alone. With a healthy dose of patience, some determination, and a stellar high-speed internet connection, you’ll be watching your programs in no time.

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