Social Media And Technology In Entertainment And Marketing

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It does not matter what brand or company’s advertisement you are viewing, you are almost 99 percent guaranteed to see a link to a Facebook page, Twitter handle, or company website. With everyone using digital methods for their marketing and entertainment purposes, agencies are developing more creative and innovative products in order to stand out. This is excellent news for everyone because we get to reap the benefits of their creative processes.

Because collaboration from across the country is so easy do to video conferencing and vmware hosting, creative people are not limited to working with other like minded people from the same geographic area. A copywriter in New York can easily work with a graphic designer in Tokyo, and churn out some stunning works of advertising.

A medium that used to rely on print, radio, and television to relay messages, you can not find an advertising agency that does not specialize in web design and social media. Interactive pages have become the most important tool for a marketing mix because they are highly effective and give users a more active way to communicate with brands. With people constantly using their smartphones for web browsing, mobile marketing is becoming just as dominant of an advertising strategy as desktop based strategies.

The new Chevy Sonic has had a revolutionary marketing campaign that has literally helped launch its release. Visitors to the car’s website pressed a button that said “Let’s Do This” and moved the car closer to the edge of some highly stacked shipping containers. Every time someone clicked, the bungee equipped car moved until it reached 2.4 million clicks and fell off the

It has recently been found out that part of the new Avengers movie was recorded on an iPhone. Instead of relying on large camera rigs to film the entire movie, some shots were taken with the iPhone in order to get close up, gritty, and real shots for the movie. The director of the film’s photography, Seamus McGarvey, said that he chose to use the iPhone for the big budget movie because it was affordable and a completely different medium for him. With cloud hosting services it was easy for him to combine shots onto his actual work computer from the iPhone.

In a recent documentary about the making of the show South Park, show creator Try Parker tells about how quickly they are able to write and illustrate shows because of technology available to them. They once used specialized computers, but now use Macs straight from Best Buy to create the show every week.

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Technology and social media are now major parts of our lives and it is showing in every field. Marketing and entertainment are usually on the cutting edge of most technological movements, and they are doing the best to supplement their creative efforts.

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  1. Ejaz Alam@Study Skills says:

    Well Shabnam I agree with you that technology and social media has become an important part of our lives without which life seems to be impossible.. I found your link from a blog where u r top commentator. Good work done by you but how have you gathered so much of the knowledge….lol

  2. Pretty interesting that iPhones are being used to film big budget movies these days. There’s definitely been a lo-fi trend in movies these days (Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield) but this is something else, I think.

  3. Thanks for sharing nice informative article. i like your ideas and views. keep continue your post.

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