8 Benefits of Using Social Media Recruitment


Technology and social media have changed our lives, it has also changed the way people are recruited. As per research, more than 90% companies in the US are using social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to hire candidates.

A Recent report suggests that internet users spend 118 minutes per day in social media globally in 2016. This figure is  up from 109 minutes daily in the previous year. Many companies are planning to increase investment in social media to hire potential candidates. Let us go through the benefits of recruiting candidates through social media.

social media recruitment

Benefits of Using Social Media Recruitment

1. Cost Effective

Recruiting candidates via social media is cost-effective as compared to traditional methods of recruitment which includes newspaper ads and job boards.

Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are free to set up and there is no charge for sharing job vacancies on the LinkedIn company page, Facebook or Twitter.

The cost of running a Facebook ad for recruitment or LinkedIn Job Posts is cost-effective with high ROI and reaches a wider audience.

2.  Increases Job Visibility

Millions of people worldwide are using  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on daily basis, an employer can broadcast job openings on social media to increase visibility and improve the chance of getting qualified candidates.


3. Increases The Quality Of Employees

Candidates using social media are considered to be technically advanced and hence are in great demand in the job market.


4. Competitive Advantage Over Others 

The use of social media networks to recruit candidates may provide an organization a competitive advantage over other organizations that are not using social media to recruit potential candidates. Hence, an organization will be able to recruit top talent and win over their competitor.


5. Increases Brand Awareness 

When an organization uses social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for recruitment it increases the visibility of the organization. A study reveals that candidates more inclined to work for the employers who are active on social media platforms.


6. Improves Employees Referral 

The use of employees referral in social media recruitment can lead to improving the quality of candidates and lower attrition rate. Organizations should encourage their employees to share current job requirements of the organization on various social networking sites.


7. Hiring Via Social Media Is Quick 

Hiring candidates through social networking sites like Facebook or LinkedIn is faster as compared to traditional recruitment. The candidates will be able to respond quickly to a job offer via social media sites and interact with employers in a relaxed way.


8. Attracts Passive Candidates

One of the most important benefits of using social media recruitment is reaching out to passive candidates who are not currently looking for a job change. Facebook has 1.13 billion active users daily, recruiters should tap on potential candidates and motivate them to join their organization.

Do you use social media to recruit potential candidates?

Recruiters should use social media to attract top talent for various job positions in the competitive job market. of today. Interested candidates can learn the best-recruiting practices and much more at Concordia University Texas in the Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management program.


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