AI Research And The Use Of AI In Business By Various Companies


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, it has touched our daily lives in many ways. Right from the driverless car, virtual personal assistant, video games to fraud detection and more.

The influence of AI in our lives is going to increase in coming years but it will take some time before machines will be able to behave like humans. Top tech giants Amazon, Facebook, Google and others are partnering to work  together to give a major boost to AI research.

AI Research

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research History and Developments

AI Research got a start at a conference at Dartmouth in the year 1956 where scientists were optimistic that machines could work with humans within 20 years. However, AI suffered a setback in early 1970’s when AI funding was stopped due to the slow progress of work.

A major breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence was achieved in 2011, IBM Watson won the game show Jeopardy by beating human players and recently, Google’s Alpha Computer beat humans at a Chinese board game Go.

In September 2016 Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM and Microsoft have partnered together where these tech companies will do research on AI and develop products powered by machines to benefit people.

Let us go through some of the ways to use AI in business.

Use Of AI In Businesses

1. Virtual Assistance

Digital assistants like Apple’s Siri, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortona and Amazon’s Alexa are all powered by artificial intelligence to understand the voice of the humans and answer to their queries. You can get the required useful information when you ask,” Find a movie theater nearby”, “Find nearest gas station ” and more.

Various businesses are using Chatbots in Customer Service to provide customers with the required information on products and in helping them to choose a product. It is too soon for Chatbots to take up Customer Service, chatbots provide an automated response to a particular query whereas customers prefer to chat with a live person to resolve queries.

The use of Chatbots and Virtual Assistance in business will change the way people interact with technology.


2.  Airbnb’s Aerosolve

Airbnb, an online marketplace to rent vacation homes where the property owner sets the price of the property uses Aerosolve. Aerosolve is machine learning for humans. Airbnb Aerosolve tool shows hosts the predicted demand and their chances to get a booking. You must have come across to the slider in Airbnb where the property owners can set a price for rental based on the features of the home, location of the home, time of the year along with other some other factors.

3. Use Of AI In Amazon

Amazon has been using deep learning and AI in its Retail business for product recommendations, logistics, search and more. Amazon at a recent event in Las Vegas has announced its new Amazon AI platform which will deal with image analysis, text to speech conversion, and lifelike speech processing.

Amazon has thousands of researchers who are working on AI, Amazon at Las Vegas also proposed an interesting way to move data at a faster rate from the data centers of large corporate customers to its public cloud-computing operation using Trucks dubbed Snowmobile. A snowmobile is a 45-foot shipping container having a capacity to holds data of 100 petabytes.


Careers In AI

The growth of Artificial Intelligence Research has led to various career options in AI. AI deals with Machine Learning, data mining, Software development  and others. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook provide good career options for professionals.

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