7 Business Analytics Tools Used By Companies

The prime concern of the companies is to provide customer satisfaction and drive business effectively. Business Analytics helps companies to get insight into their business based on data to optimize business processes.

There are many Business Analytics tools available which emphasize on data visualization or in analytics which may include statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, predictive analysis and more. Let us go through some business analytics tools used by companies.

7 Business Analytics Tools Used By Companies 



1.  Tableau

Tableau is perhaps on of the best free data visualization tool having simple and easy to use interface which is used by various companies. One of the key features of Tableau is its ability to process a large amount of data with ease. It has a drag and drop interface which lets anyone to make interactive visualizations called dashboards and can also be shared across various platforms which include desktop,web browser or iPad and more.


KNIME is an open source and a powerful data analytics tool and uses visual programming to analyze data. KNIME works with workflows which are implemented graphically, workflows are the sequence of analysis steps which is required to attain a result. Steps in data analysis of KNIME is executed by a node and workflow is a sequence of nodes.

KNIME  can run on Python, R, SQL, Java and much and has support for data types which includes XML, JSON, images, documents, and others.


3. Orange 

Orange is an open source data analysis and data visualization tool which helps in creating interactive workflows. Orange like KNIME uses visual programming to analyze data. Orange uses widgets to create workflows for data analysis, there are more than 100 widgets to use from. Visualization widgets in Orange include scatter plot, dendrogram, tree, heatmaps and more. It also uses Python scripts and runs on Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.


4. SAS

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System and deals with a wide range of capabilities which ranges from data management to advanced analytics. SAS is simple, fast, flexible and has 33% market share in advanced analytics.


5. Statistica

Statistica is an advanced analytics software package developed by StatSoft providing data analysis, data management, data visualization, and data mining procedures. Statistica was acquired by Dell in 2014 and is capable of accessing data from standard data repositories, file formats, and standard and specialized database formats.


6. IBM SPSS Modeler

7. Angoss

Angoss is a predictive analytics software which is used by organizations to increase sales,  productivity and marketing along with reducing risk and cost. It is used by leading financial institutions.




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