Before You Toss Your Old iPhone, Know What Your Options Are


Sheer pandemonium occurs every year in which a new line of iPhones is released, so it comes as no surprise that 2014 followed the pattern. If you have already upgraded to a new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and owned a previous version of the iPhone, then you probably still have the older model on your hands. You may be wondering what use it can be to you; there are quite a few different options you have at this point. Anyone who still has an older iPhone in their possession will want to read about the various options they have in disposing, trading or keeping the device.

Continue to Use It

For those who are merely considering an upgrade and who have not upgraded yet, ask yourself if the newest Apple product is truly necessary. While many older versions of the iPhone still work perfectly well, millions of people become starstruck with the idea of getting their hands on a newer version. Those with older iPhones and who are not under traditional contracts, for instance, can save hundreds of pounds over two years by using SIM-only contracts. You will also save even more money by virtue of not having to pay partially or fully for the new iPhone 6.

A Friend in Need

While you’re unboxing your latest Apple product, others may not be so fortunate. You surely know a friend or family member who is using a downright ancient mobile phone in their day to day lives. An act of kindness can go a long way – especially when you may no longer need the device. If you don’t need the extra bit of cash you can get from selling the phone, then giving it to someone who could use an upgrade is always a great decision to make. Whether they don’t have any cell service or already have a plan, they may be able to simply pop in a SIM card and use the older iPhone. SIM Only Expert is a good site you can visit to find the most affordable SIM-only contracts that can be used with such devices.

Trade It for Cash/Credit

For those who haven’t upgraded yet, check with your carrier to see if they offer any discounts or deals on the iPhone 6 when you trade in a previous version of the phone. In some cases, you may be able to knock out anywhere from one-quarter to one-half of the iPhone 6’s upfront costs when under traditional contracts. Another choice you have is to seek out a private company that recycles and buys old phones. They will not pay as much as a private party for this, but it’s an easy and fast way to get rid of older devices and get paid.

Add New Life to It

What happens if your new iPhone is suddenly broken or lost? This can be a troublesome time that cuts you off from the outside world. While mobile phone insurance can go a long way in fixing the problem, you will still have to deal with not having a phone for quite some time. Because of this, some new iPhone owners will decide to keep their old devices for emergency situations. Others will give their old iPhones new life by using them as an alternative media device. The kids can have fun with an offline device (after you install apps, music, and movies to it), so why toss it out?

Sell It Privately

Last but not least: you can also consider selling the device yourself, using one of a variety of online auction houses and trading platforms. One popular solution is eBid, which allows people to sell devices such as iPhones to other parties who would like to purchase them. This is a preferred solution for many, as the payout for the phone is often better than through trade-ins or recycling programs. You’ll find that no matter the condition of your old iPhone, someone will be interested: some are looking for a functional, affordable device, while others want to take the phone and use it for parts in their businesses. You can sign up for an account through eBid , and begin selling your old iPhone (and anything else) today!

Lots of Choices

It can be confusing to know what to do with so many options, but everyone will be able to sooner or later decide which one is right for them. Whether you keep the older device, give it to someone in need or cash it out, you have the knowledge of these choices now. Hopefully, you make the right decision and enjoy your phone – whether it’s a new iPhone 6 or an older model.

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