8 Best Alternatives To Dropbox


Cloud Services have changed the way we store data, videos and pictures. Dropbox is perhaps one of the best Cloud storage service which lets users to sync data across different computers and mobile devices. Dropbox free version offers storage up to 2GB for free while Premium Accounts can get storage up to 16GB.

However, Dropbox comes with limitations which includes lack of remote access, less storage space and lack of customized server hosting. Below mentioned are alternatives to Dropbox which are better and offer more than Dropbox.

1. Amazon Cloud Drive: Amazon Cloud Drive offers speed and simplicity. Users get 5 GB free whereas for Fire phone owners there is unlimited photo storage taken from Fire phone. For each Amazon account users can connect up to only eight devices with no public access to your Cloud Drive for enhanced security.

Amazon Cloud Drive

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2. Box: Box is one of the best alternative to Dropbox, offers 10GB of free storage when you sign up for a Box account with the option of upgrade to more storage later. It easily lets you to share files with others by sending a link and manage access to the file by setting permissions who can view the files. It also has a feature where you can comment on files uploaded. With Box you can share your data between devices which includes Mac, Windows, Linux, Android.


3. CoudMe: CloudMe offers you 3GB storage space free which allows to access your files in the cloud through your mobile phone and share them your friends quickly. CloudMe is available for Mac, Windows, Linux and Mobile devices. If you need more space you can always upgrade by paying a minimal fee.


4. Wuala: Wuala is one the best online cloud storage service which offers 5GB space free of cost is now shifting to paid service where new Account users will get get 5GB for just 1.39$ a month or 12$ a year. Wuala offers best of data security.


5. OneDrive: OneDrive is a great Dropbox alternative by Microsoft offering 15GB for free. OneDrive works with Office which lets you to create, edit, save and share your documents easily from any device. Share files, folders and photos easily with your friends and family by just sending an email with a link for privacy. OneDrive for business is also available offering 1 TB space at a price of $2.50 user/month.


6. SpiderOak: SpiderOak is another good alternative to Dropbox offering 2GB of free file storage, good for those who don’t have a lot of photos and documents to store. It offers “zero knowledge” privacy environment which means it does not has access to your encryption keys and your files are visible to you only. A business version of the Blue service is “coming soon” for 10 to 500 users.


7. ownCloud: ownCloud is an enterprise-grade file sync and share solution which is hosted on your data servers.


8. Bittorrent: Bittorent Sync creates a Sync folder of your files and never stores them on their servers. Sync has no limitation in file sharing. You can sync, send and share as many files as you want. Open your file from anywhere and start working.


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Which is your best alternative to Dropbox?

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