10 Best Free VPN Clients


Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure way to connect to others using public network. The main aim of VPN is to offer you anonymity by not revealing your real IP address and to protect your privacy on LAN or public hotspot. Using VPN clients you can access your favorite site like Facebook or Twitter at your network even when if particular site is restricted on the network. Many free VPN clients are available these days, here is list of 10 best free VPN clients for you.

Best free VPN clients

1. Hotspot Shield: Hotspot Shield is one of the most popular and trusted free VPN client which secures your data, online shopping and personal information using HTTPS encryption with no restriction on bandwidth. You can download client on your PC, Mac, iPhone or Android. The paid version of the client comes without ads.

2. CyberGhost: CyberGhost client is easy to handle, open Anonymous accounts without the requirement of email address. It lets you to log-in to the Internet with an “Outlander”-IP, and the moment you log-in to CyberGhost VPN server located in that country, you can watch any restricted content which is blocked in your network. CyberGhost offers you free service of 1GB/month which you can use for web surfing, chatting and more.

Best Free VPN Clients

3. SecurityKiss: Securitykiss provides you with fast, free, anonymous and secure Internet connection without any ads. Premium plan is available for 53.90 Euros annually which comes with dedicated faster servers. SecurityKISS Tunnel redirects our online traffic through an impenetrable tunnel security gateway so that the data is encrypted and secured.

4. Open VPN: OpenVPN is available for PC, Mac, Android and iPhone. OpenVPN licence fee per year is $5. To access restricted sites with secure Internet connection you will be required to sign up using email address. OpenVPN Access Server has support for secure and granular remote access to internal network or private cloud network.

5. Your Freedom: Your Freedom enables you to access restricted sites from your network by registering using your email address. The VPN service is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platform. It comes in free and basic package, free package allows server connection time 1 hour continuously, up to 3 hours in 24 hour interval or up to 9 hours in a week interval, basic plan is $6 per month.

6. LogMeIn: LogMeIn is free VPN service which enables you to create your own virtual private network for gaming and networking among workers. In Standard network subscription you can add up to 32 members per network priced at $29.00 per network.

7. VPNBook: VPNBook does not require any registration and enables you to enjoy unrestricted speed and unlimited traffic. It does not matter whether you consume 1GB or 100GB of bandwidth in a day, you get same speed with strongest encryption.

8. JustFreeVPN: JustFreeVPN provides you with reliable and free VPN connection from three data centers located in USA, Canada and UK.

9. proXPN: proXPN is free for basic plan with paid subscription also available. It creates a secure, encrypted tunnel for the passage of your online data.

10. Gotrusted: GoTrusted enables private browsing by hiding your IP address and lets you to access websites like Facebook and Twitter. Provides you with unlimited bandwidth and speed.

Are you aware of any other free VPN service ? Do comment!

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