Guide to Buy Cheap Travel Insurance for your next holiday


Buying a travel insurance for your next trip is not obligatory, however it is imperative that buy a travel insurance before you head towards a much needed break from your work. A travel insurance will protect you against possible illness, injury, cancellation of trip, loss of money/passport/baggage/personal belongings and more.

You should buy an insurance which is ideal for the type of your holiday. If you want to opt for a Cheap travel insurance for holiday, follow the tips mentioned below:

Cheap Travel insurance

1. If you want to buy a cheap travel insurance, search online to get a cheap travel insurance quote from various reputed insurance companies. You will for sure get the best deal after comparing quotes online. Never buy insurance from a travel agent or your tour operator blindly, it will cost you more.

2. Do check how much cover you are going to get from the policy on your baggage, cancellation cover, medical expenses and valuables. Read your policy document carefully to find the things which are excluded from the cover.

3. If you going to travel multiple times in an year, buy insurance cover for the whole year rather than for a single trip. An annual cover will be comparatively cheaper.

4. Insurance will be cheaper if you buy for your spouse or family together. However, premiums for travelers above 65 years of age is high. It will better that travel insurance of senior citizens are bought separately.

5. Declare your medical illness while buying the cover for your holidays. Not declaring your medical health will make your policy worthless and hence your claim will be void.

6. Check your home insurance policy before buying insurance for personal possessions when away from home, so that you can save money by leaving the option of baggage cover and save money. Insurance companies may also give some discount if your baggage is covered under home insurance.

7. Get for yourself and your family members an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which is valid for European Union country as well as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Your insurer may give discount if you have EHIC.

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8. If you are planning to take up risky sporting activities such as Winter Sports, Skating , Mountain climbing while on a holiday make sure that the policy includes them.

9. Don’t be fooled by Cheap Travel Insurance, read the policy document carefully. The policy should not contain hidden terms and conditions.

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