Life Insurance for Security Guards

Security Guard job involves high risk of injuries and accidents and various Security companies employing security guards don’t provide a life insurance plan irrespective of the risk involved.

Security Guards

Risk and danger is involved for security guards working as an armed bodyguard or employed in a retail chain. It is best that you buy a life insurance so that in case of problem you and your family are financially secure. Undoubtedly, a job of security guard pays well but involves working odd-hours, injury, trauma or death in some cases. Hence, it becomes imperative that you get yourself covered so that your loved ones are secure financially when you are not there to take care of them.

In this article you can go through popular types of Life Insurance for Security Guards.

life inurance

1. Term Life Insurance: Term Life Insurance is the most common type of life insurance cover which provides coverage to you at a fixed rate of payments but for a limited time. The coverage expires after the specified. It is good for security guard as if they die during the term period the death benefit will be paid to his family.

2. Whole life insurance: Whole life insurance is another popular form of insurance which remains active for the whole life of the policy holder and requires the policy holder to pay premiums annually. In Whole life insurance the insurance company shares the excess profits in the form of dividends with the policy holder. Policy holder can surrender his policy at anytime for the cash value amount and is often used by many to fund their retirement.

3. Universal life insurance: Universal life insurance provides the policy holder with two types of financial planning- Permanent insurance protection and Investment account options which grows your savings. This is a good option for security guards as they can use the policy as an income replacement or to pay mortgage.

Apart from life insurance cover, security guards can also opt for Income protection insurance which will ensure them income if they are unable to work due to injury or illness.

If you are opting for a life insurance cover for yourself, do some research work by comparing insurance quotes of companies online to get the best deal.


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