7 Ways To Fix Data Connectivity Issues On iPhone 6s Plus


iPhone 6s Plus was introduced by Apple along with iPhone 6s which comes with new 3D Touch technology. If you want to experience 3D Touch feature on older devices which includes iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad Air, iPad Mini you can use a jailbreak tweak. However, Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus has its own issues, one of them being cellular data connectivity issues.

If you are facing data connectivity issue on your iPhone 6s Plus, here’s how to fix.

Data connectivity issues iPhone 6s Plus

Fix Data Connectivity Issues on iPhone 6s Plus

1.  Turn Cellular On/Off

If you are facing data connectivity issues in iPhone 6s Plus make sure that mobile data is enabled.

Launch Settings app on your iPhone 6s Plus.

Tap on Cellular.

Tap the Cellular Data switch to ensure Cellular Data is enabled.

You can also try to , turn Off Cellular Data and then Turn On.


2.  Turn Airplane Mode On/Off

If Airplane mode is on your iPhone 6s Plus will face connectivity issues. Try to toggle Airplane mode on/off. To do so,

go to the Settings >>  Turn ON the Airplane mode and turn it OFF again.


3. Reset Network Settings

If you are facing data connectivity issues try to Reset Network Settings.

Open “Settings”.

Tap on “General” and then on “Reset”.

Now, Click on “Reset Network Settings”.


4. Update iOS

Make sure that you have installed the latest iOS update on your iPhone. To update your device to the latest iOS version , go to Settings >> General >> Software Update and install the latest iOS update.


5. Carrier Settings Update 

If you are still facing data connectivity issues, check whether there are any carrier settings update. if any new carrier settings update is available you will get a pop-up saying that a new carrier settings update is available.

Launch “Settings” app and tap “General”.

Tap on “About”.

6. Restart iPhone

To restart iPhone follow the following procedure:

Press and hold the sleep/wake button.

Slide the slider to turn off the iPhone while waiting for few seconds.

Press and hold the sleep/wake button again until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

7. Restore iPhone

Try restoring your  iPhone 6s Plus to factory settings. Make sure to take a backup before you try to restore.

Open iTunes and connect your iPhone using USB cable.

Click on the iPhone icon.

Click on “Restore iPhone” in the “Summary section”

Choose to “back up” settings before restoring.

Now, click on Restore.

You will have to wait for some time, iPhone will be restored as new.

By following the above ways you will for sure be able to fix data connectivity issues on iPhone 6s Plus. Have you tried to play these awesome 3D Touch games on iPhone 6s Plus?


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