Enable Cellular Continuity in iOS 9 To Make Calls on iPad and Mac When Your iPhone is Off

Cellular Continuitywas introduced by Apple in iOS 8 which allows users to answer phone calls through Mac or iPad when their iPhone is away. However, this feature required iPhone, Mac or iPad in the same Wi-Fi Network.

With iOS 9, you don’t need your iPhone to be on the same network as your iPad or Mac to receive a call.

T- Mobile has come the first carrier to support cellular Continuity and it is expected that other carriers will also support this feature once iOS 9 is released to public. Find out how to enable Cellular Connectivity on your iOS 9 and El Capitan powered devices. You will be required to sign in to the same iCloud Account on all your devices.

ios 9 cellular connectivity

Enable Cellular Continuity on iPhone, iPad or Mac

On iPhone

1. Launch “Settings” >> Tap “Phone” options.

2. Tap “Calls on Other Devices”.

3. Enable the “Allow Calls on Other Devices” button.

4. Tap “Add Wi-Fi Calling For Other Devices”.

On iPad (Mac)

1. Launch “Settings” and tap “FaceTime”.

2. Tap and enable “Calls from iPhone” option.

3. Tap “Upgrade to Wi-Fi calling” option and tap “Enable”.

4. Enter the code given on your iPhone to activate Wi-Fi calling on iPad.

5. Tap Allow

6. Wait for Wi-Fi calls to be activated on your iPad.

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