iOS 9 Using Too Much Of Cellular Data? Disable Wi-Fi Assist on your iPhone, iPad

Is your iOS 9 using too much of cellular data on your iPhone, iPad? Here’s how to fix iOS 9 cellular data issue on iPhone, iPad.

Wi-Fi Assist is one of the new feature introduced in iOS 9 which automatically uses your cellular data if your Wi-Fi connectivity is poor or if there is no connectivity. Wi-Fi Assist is appreciated by many iOS users, however, users are facing cellular data loss in iOS 9 while using Wi-Fi Assist feature.

Wi-Fi Assist can be good for users who are on unlimited data plans but if you have a limited data plan then you will be running out of your bandwidth soon.

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To save cellular data on iOS 9 disable Wi-Fi Assist on iPhone, iPad.

How to Disable Wi-Fi Assist in iOS 9

Launch the Settings app on iPhone, iPad.

Now, Tap “Cellular”.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap the toggle switch to set it to “Off”.

disable wifi assist on ios 9

Wi-Fi Assist is tuned on by default and by disabling or turning off Wi-Fi Assist your iPhone, iPad will not switch automatically to cellular data if you have a poor Wi-Fi connectivity. You will for sure be able to save loss of cellular data.

If you want to turn Wi-Fi Assist back just head over to Settings >> Cellular and toggle the switch back to “On”

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