10 Ways to Fix iOS 9 Battery Life Issues

Battery life is a major concern for iOS devices after iOS update. If you have recently updated your device to the latest iOS 9 and experiencing battery drain issue be assured that you are not the only one.

iOS 9 comes up with many new features along with some improvements, however, many users are facing battery drain after updating to iOS 9. Here’s possible tips and tricks to fix iOS 9 battery life issues.

fix ios 9 battery issues

How To Fix iOS 9 Battery Life Issues

1. Check Apps Usage

After upgrading to iOS 9 if you are experiencing battery drain then look in to the apps to find the apps which are draining your battery in iOS 9 devices. Developers have released updates of various apps to make them compatible to iOS 9. To check how much battery your apps are using:

Launch “Settings” on your iPhone.

Then tap on “General” and then “Usage”.

Now, tap on “Battery Usage”.

Tapping on Battery Usage, you will see a list of the apps and see how battery is being used by the app. If you notice apps which are eating your battery life then uninstall the app and see if fixes battery life.

2. Use Low Power Mode

iOS 9 comes with a new feature of “Low Power Mode” which will help you conserve iPhone battery life when required. You can easily get up to extra 3 hours of battery life on your iPhone 5 by using Low Power Mode, though it will slow your device.

low power mode in ios 9

Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.

Tap on “Battery” option.

Toggle Low Power Mode to “On”.

3. Turn Off iCloud Keychain

Turn Off Apple’s iCloud Keychain. By Turning off iCloud Keychain on iPhone, iPad the battery life may get improved in iOS 9.

To disable iCloud Keychain on your device,

Go to the “Settings” app on iPhone.

Tap on “iCloud” and then on “Keychain”.

Toggle iCloud Keychain “off”.

4. Limit Background App Refresh

Launch the “Setting”s app on your iPhone or iPad.

Tap on “General”.

Choose “Background App Refresh”.

Turn it off completely or you can choose for app which is causing huge battery drain in iOS 9.

5. Disable Auto-Brightness

The Auto brightness can kill your battery. Disable Auto Brightness to improve your battery life.

Go to Settings >> Display & Brightness >> Auto-Brightness >> Off.

6. Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using it to improve battery life on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch running iOS 9.

Go to The Settings app >>Bluetooth >> Off

Go to the Settings app >> Wi-Fi >> Off

7. Disable Handoff and App Suggestion

Handoff lets your Apple devices connected with each other. By using Handoff you can continue your work from your iPhone or iPad by moving your mail from Mac OS or vice versa. Handoff may be killing your battery, better to disable when not in use.

Go to The Settings app >> Tap on General >> Handoff & Suggested Apps >> Switch off Handoff

You can also disable Suggested App feature to conserve battery life in iOS 9. To do so,

Go to the Settings App >> General >> Handoff & Suggested Apps >> Suggested Apps >> Turn both “My Apps” and “App Store” Off.

8. Disable Location Services

Location services uses GPS and eats a lot of your battery. Hence, by disabling location services you can improve battery life.

Launch Settings app >> Tap on Privacy and toggle “Location Services” to Off.

9. Downgrade iOS 9

Downgrade your iPhone, iPad to iOS 8.4.1 and see if it improves your battery life.

Downgrade iOS 9 to iOS 8.4.1 On iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

10. Restore iOS 9 Update

If nothing works out, restore iOS 9 on your iPhone. iPad. Remember that when you restore your device all the data will be deleted. Take a backup of your device using iTunes.

Take a backup of all your data before you go ahead with the downgrade iOS 9.

Turn Off “Find my iPhone” feature from Settings >> iCloud on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Connect your device to the computer using USB cable.

Launch iTunes on your computer and select the iOS device.

Windows users will have to hold Shift key and then click the “Restore iPhone” button. Mac users will have to hold down the “Option / Alt” key.

Follow the instructions to reinstall iOS 9 from start.

You can either choose to “click Restore from Backup” or “set up as a new iPhone”.

By following the above mentioned ways you will be able to fix iOS 9 Battery life Issues.

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