How To Fix Google play Store No Connection Error


One of the most common error which you may face while using Google Play is “No connection –Retry”. The error comes up because Google Play Store is unable to connect to the Internet on your Android, though you will be able to surf web on browser. Here are some tips which you should follow to fix Google Play Store “No Connection – Retry” Error on Android.

How To Fix Google play Store No Connection Error

1. Clear Cache of Google Play Store

Clearing the cache of Google Play Store can easily fix the problem. To empty the Google Play Store cache you will have to go to the “Settings”, tap on “Applications Manager”. choose ‘All’ navigate to the “Google Play Store” and tap to clear cache.

Fix Google play Store No Connection Error

Fix Google play Store No Connection Error.1

Open Google Play to check if the problem has got solved.

2. Clear Google Play Store Data

If by clearing the cache you are getting the same “No connection –Retry”, then delete the data from the Google Play Store. To clear data go to Settings >> Applications Manager >> All >> Google Play Store >> Clear Data.

3. Uninstall Google Play Store updates and Re-install

At times uninstalling Google Play Store updates can easily resolve the issue. Sometimes a new update might be the culprit for the error, hence uninstall the update. Go the the Settings >> Application Manager > All > Google Play Store > Uninstall Updates.

Fix Google play Store No Connection Error.2

4. Remove and Re-store Google Account

Remove and re-store your Google Account on Android to fix the issue. Go to the “settings” of your device and then scroll down to “Accounts” and tap on “Google” and select the Google account associated with Google Play which you are using currently and tap to “Remove Account”.

Fix Google play Store No Connection Error.3

Now, add your Google Account once more from the start by going to Settings >> Accounts >> Add Account >> Google.

5. Factory Data / Reset

If you are still getting Google play Store “No Connection Error”, perform Factory Data Reset of your device.

To perform a Factory Data Reset,go to “Settings” and then to “Backup and Reset” and tap to select “Factory Data Reset” option by scrolling down. Before you perform a Factory reset, take a backup as you will lose data.

Fix Google play Store No Connection Error.4

Hoping by following above steps you are able to fix Google play Store No Connection Error!


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