Fix iTunes Error 3194 while Updating or Restoring iOS


Error 3194 in iTunes normally occurs when you are trying to restore your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Apple does not support downgrading your iOS firmware, hence if you are trying to downgrade to lower firmware or upgrading to iOS 7 you will get iTunes error 3194.

iTunes error 3194

Fix iTunes Error 3194

If you are Windows user, go to C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/ and find the file named “hosts”.

Mac user, the file is in /etc/

Now open the file in Notepad , Windows users should do a right-click on the file and select “Open as Administrator”.

Find this line at the bottom of the file:

You can either type a “#” at the beginning of the line or delete it fully.

Save the file and now restore your iPhone using iTunes again.

You will not get Error 3194 now.

Fix iTunes Error 3194 using TinyUmbrella

If you are on a jailbroken iPhone, you can easily fix iTunes error 3194 using TinyUmbrella.

Download the iOS firmware that you want to upgrade or downgrade your iPhone to.

Download TinyUmbrella

Your device should be connected to your computer and iTunes should be turned off.

Open TinyUmbrella and select “Start TSS Server”

Place your device into DFU mode.

Enter your device into DFU mode-

* Hold down Power (corner) button for 5 seconds.

* Without releasing the Power button, also hold down the Home (bottom center) button along with the Power button for 10 seconds.

* Without releasing the home button, stop holding down the power button for up to 15 seconds.

Windows users should hold down the “Shift key and Restore” simultaneously and select the IPSW firmware you have downloaded. Mac users hold down the “Option key and Restore” simultaneously and select the required IPSW.

iTunes will now restore your device to the chosen firmware without error 3194.

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