How To Make Your Mobile Phone Unreachable


There are times when you don’t want to pick calls from people who are constantly annoying and bothering you or you might at times want to be unreachable to people via mobile! You may simply reject the call straight forward, keep your phone in silent mode or switch off your mobile.

If you use the above mentioned ways then it will be obvious to the caller that you are trying to ignore the calls intentionally. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could make your mobile unreachable? If you make your mobile unreachable , caller will get a message, ” the number you are calling is out of network” or “the number you are trying is currently out of reach”. Let us go through the tips and tricks to make your mobile phone unreachable.

make mobile not reachable

1. One of the easiest way to make your mobile unreachable is to Turn On Flight Mode or Airplane. You will not be receiving any incoming calls.

2. Another most popular trick which is used by many is to pull out your battery without switching your phone off. It works on most of the mobile phones and will make your phone unreachable.

3. Most of the mobiles have the option of Network selection set to automatic by default. Go to settings >> Network settings >> Network selection mode.

You will find two options: Automatic and Manual.

Click on manual and let it search for all the network operators. Now, click on the name of any operator which is not your actual operator. Your phone will show an error and will
lose the network. Leave your phone the way it is. When you want to bring your phone back in the network go to settings and click on manual.

4. If you have an active data plan or GPRS activated. Turn your GPRS on and start downloading too many files by opening different browsers simultaneously. This will make your phone unreachable.

5. Another cool trick to make your mobile unreachable is by taking out battery cover of your mobile and make a call to any number, while the mobile number starts getting dialed, remove the battery. The caller will get a message “the number which you are calling is currently out of coverage area”.

6. Search online shopping sites to find “CellPhone Signal Blocker Pouch”. These pouches are like the cover of your your mobile phone. Just put the mobile into the pouch and it will show that you are unreachable. Interesting!

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7. If you have a landline phone. You can forward calls to a landline and remove the receiver of that landline from the cradle. You will be getting message of “not reachable”.

8. Find an Aluminium foil and warp your mobile. If signal of your mobile is weak then it will make your phone unreachable.

Comment below if you are aware of any other trick to make mobile phone unreachable!

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