Make Siri Read Screen On iPhone Aloud- Here’s How To


Apple’s voice-Assistant Siri can be of great use for visually impaired people. Siri can read anything displayed on the iPhone which includes web pages, text messages, emails aloud to you. You also have the option to either slow down the speech, speed up on iOS.

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Use Siri to speak screen


To make Siri read the screen on iPhone, iPad you will be required to enable “Speak Screen” feature under “Accessibility”.

 Siri Read Screen On iPhone, iPad Aloud 

Launch Settings App on iPhone.

Now, tap on General.




Tap on Accessibility.



Tap Speech.



Toggle to “Speak Screen” to ON.



Launch Safari browser on iPhone, iPad and open any web page.

Place your two fingers on search bar and swipe down.

IMG_0911 (1)



Siri will automatically read displayed text aloud on iPhone, iPad. You can also make Siri read screen fast or slow using hare and turtle symbol respectively on “Speak Screen”.




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