Steps To Follow For Launching A Successful Mobile App In 2016

The increase in smartphone users in the world has led to an exponential increase in the number of mobile apps. Thousands of apps are submitted every day by mobile apps developers to the Apple App Store and Google Play which cater to our various needs. The craze of mobile apps among users can be estimated by the fact that the latest virtual-reality game Pokemon Go has an estimated 7.5 million downloads in the US with a revenue of $1.6 million daily .

If you are a mobile app publisher you must be aware that the mobile app market is quite competitive with so many app marketers out there. Check out steps which you should follow to successfully launch your mobile app in 2016.

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Steps To Follow For Launching A Successful Mobile App In 2016

1. Do A Market Research

Before you start developing your app do a proper market research to identify your target audience. You will have to seek answers to queries which includes – who is your target audience, how will the app benefit your target audience, categories which your competitors are targeting, keywords which are being used to rank high and more. You need to include those keywords in your app and in the content you are creating for the app so that you get a better chance to compete with your competitors and successfully run your app.

2. Create A Landing Page 

You should create a landing page for your app by creating a dedicated website, the landing page should include the name of the app, a promo-video of the app along with the app description. Make sure that your app landing page has an option for the users to sign-up for the newsletter easily. Once you have created app landing page you can offer a preview of your app, press release of the app or sign up users for beta testing of the app.

3. Use Of Social Media

The power of social media cannot be neglected in today’s world. Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to create a hype of your app before its launch. Make users sign up on the Facebook page of your app to be notified of the launch date of the app. You can announce the launch date of your app on Twitter by using hashtags. Organize a giveaway or a pre-release offer of your app on Twitter or Facebook to create a buzz among users.


4. Create A Video

Create a small video of your app using your smartphone which will feature the key features and benefits of the app. You can show to users how your mobile app works by showing your app in action. A short video showcasing the app in action can be helpful in defining the value of your mobile app to users.


5.  Go Through App Store Submission Guidelines

Before you submit your app to the App Store or Google Play  make sure to go through the guidelines of submitting your app. Do a thorough research on the guidelines of app submission so that your submission is not rejected. Submit your app to the desired App Store a week before the launch date of your app so that you are able to make changes and improvements as per requirement.

Above mentioned are some of the steps which you should follow for the successful launch of your app. Have you launched a mobile app successfully before, if so share your views


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