7 Cool Online Christmas Games for Kids


Christmas is approaching fast! Christmas is the time of holiday parties, shopping, gifts and more. It is also the time to bond with your family and spend some quality time together. Christmas holiday can however make kids restless, add fun to your holidays with these Online Christmas Games. Have you thought about Christmas gifts for kids?

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1. Elf Clubhouse

Northpole.com is an award wining holiday site child friendly site designed on the theme of Santa’s Secret village. The Elf Clubhouse is a place where elves comes to rest and play. It is a fun filled free game for kids, teachers as well as parents. The Elf Clubhouse has a mix of various games which kids can play. Kids can send or pick letters from Santa.

Elf Clubhouse

2. Santa Ski Jump

In Santa Ski Jump game you are required to make Santa jumps with speed and style to get the maximum number of stars in this online Christmas game.

You will be going to next level only when you get more stars at one level.

santa ski jump

3. Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze online Christmas game is a game where you will help Santa to freeze up bad guys with the help of Freeze gun. The game has many challenging levels.

Deep Freeze

4. Factory Balls

Factory Balls is an online game by Bart Bonte. They have created a Christmas special game, you are required to drag and drop balls from Christmas tree to produce correct Christmas ball in each level. It is a fun game which kids which will enjoy playing for sure.

Factory Balls

5. Santa’s Gift Jump

Santa’s Gift Jump is a fun filled online Christmas game where you will have to catch gifts which are falling from the sky. You will have to jump to catch the gifts, double-click to jump high and earn extra points.

Santa's gift jump

6. Santa Games

Santa Claus Workshop is a virtual workshop for kids and parents where there are lot of free games to choose from. You can use the advent calendar to countdown the days to Xmas to play a game each day.

Santa Claus Workshop

7. Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts is another free online Christmas game where you will have to throw gifts to the houses which have not already gifts to get high score. By throwing gifts throw chimneys you get bigger score.

Christmas Gifts

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Have you played any of the above mentioned online Christmas game with your family? Do share!


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