How To Remove The Google Search Bar From Android Homescreen


Android is a great mobile Operating System which can be easily customized. You can add different widgets to your Android homescreen, however, Google search bar on homescreen can be annoying to some. You cannot remove Google search bar on stock Android.

If you want to remove Google search bar from android homescreen so that there will be more space to add your favorite apps or widgets, read on.

Google Serach bar on homescreen

How to Remove the Google Search bar from Android Homescreen

There are different ways by which you can remove the Google Search bar from Android homescreen.

Use a Custom Launcher

Removing Google Search bar from Android can be done easily by using a Custom Launcher. A Custom Launcher lets you to change the homescreen of your device as per your choice. Go to the Play Store and download the Custom Launcher such as Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher.

If you are using Nova Launcher, head over to your Nova Settings >> Desktop >> Persistent Search Bar >> None. You will be able to remove the Google Search bar.

Disable Google Search

Another method to remove Google Search bar from Android is by disabling Google Search from device. Keep in my mind that when you disable Google Search you will not be able to Google Now and your saved search data will also be deleted.

remove google search bar from homescreen

– Go to the “Settings” on your Android device.

– Now, scroll down and tap on the “Application Manager”.

– Go to “All” and scroll to “Google Search” and tap.

– Tap on “Disable”.

– Tap on “OK” to confirm.

If you are on a rooted Android device, you can remove Google Search bar from Android homescreen by using Custom ROMs.


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