Slow Internet Speeds | What Causes My Computer To Crawl So Slowly?!


Your Internet connectivity speeds can be affected by a variety of possibilities – none of them necessarily having to do with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). In fact, most times, Internet speeds can be quickened by following a few common sense tips and techniques right at home: no need for a diagnostic pro, a full computer virus sweep, or even a 45-minute hellish conversation with a way-too-smart tech consultant. In most cases, you can speed up tour Internet connectivity at home, on your own device, and free of charge. Let’s see how:

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4 ways to speed up your Internet, free and fast:

1. Put your router in an optimal location. So many people place their wireless routers in places where they seem to accentuate the room’s decor. Forget about that! Instead, think about whom the primary users of the signal will be – and then position the router close to their spots in the home.

Primary users should not have to suffer slow connectivity speeds because they positioned their router overly close to secondary users. Remember that wireless routers are ranged electronic devices. They send a signal out that is optimally strong at its origin. The further you go from the router’s origin of signal, the less strong the signal will be received. Common sense, right?

2. Make sure your router is modern. I once used the same router for like 6 years, not knowing that a new one would have made my online experience so much more enjoyable and seamless. They don’t cost that much and they are definitely worth the cost, especially if you are one, like I was, that just won’t budge off the cash to replace. You can continue to look for other less-obvious and free possibilities, but you’ll most likely find that a new router will definitely help your computer to perform at higher Internet speeds.

3. Check to see if any fiber optic network possibilities have hit your area yet. Fiber optic networks are the future of ISPs – and if you can find one available, you will think you have perished and gone on to surfer’s heaven. The speeds offered by the most modern fiber optic Internet service providers are amazing when compared to our traditional alternatives.

4. Take your computer or device to a pro shop and have it cleaned for malware, spyware and viruses. There are so many hackers, ID thieves and others out in cyberspace who would love to see you suffer because of their malicious efforts. Sometimes you just have to spring the cash to get your machine wiped clean from their intrusions. In reference, there is a shop about ¾ of a mile from my house that offers a comprehensive sweeping service for $35. They even throw in a complimentary cleaning that my laptop desperately needs.

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There are free and simple ways to speed up the online performance of your computing devices. Don’t just assume that you have an inferior ISP without first attempting some of these easy fixes. Most times, you will see that you can speed up your own Internet connectivity with no help at all.


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