Fix HTC One M9 Battery Drain, Slow Charging, Connectivity And Other Issues

HTC One M9 features a 5.0 inch, full HD 1080p and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810, octa core 64-bit processor along with 20MP camera and HTC BoomSound. However, HTC One M9 is facing some performance issues. Read on, issues which some of the HTC One M9 users are facing and their potential fixes.

You should remember that not all HTC One M9 users may face these issues.

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htc one m9

1.Excessive Battery Drain Issue

Some users are facing rapid battery drain issues with their HTC One M9

Possible Fixes

* The reason behind excessive battery drain could be due to apps that are running in the background. Disable Background apps by going to Settings >> Accounts and Sync.

* Boot the device in Safe Mode and see if the problem is still there. You can also perform a Factory Reset.

* If you are unable to stop excessive battery drain by following the above methods then, turn off location services reduce the brightness of the display and enable Power Saving Mode.

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2.Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity issues are a common issues with smartphones.

Potential Solution for Wi-Fi Issues

* Turn off your smartphone and the Wi-Fi router and then turn both of them on after few minutes.

* Head over to Wi-Fi Settings on your phone and forget the preferred network.

* Check the activity level on your current channel with the Wi-Fi Analyzer application. If required switch to a different channel.

* Disable Power Saving Mode by going to Settings.

* Find your device MAC address by navigating to the Settings >> About Phone and make sure that it is recognized by your router.

Potential Solutions for Bluetooth issues

* Disable Power Saving Mode.

* Switch off and on the Bluetooth on your device.

* Clear the Bluetooth cache by going to Bluetooth Settings.

* Reboot your device after clearing the data and cache.

* Delete unused Bluetooth profiles on your device and set up Bluetooth connection once again.

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3. Overheating issues

Some users are complaining that their device is getting overheated even during normal usage.

Potential Solutions of Overheating Issues

* See if your device is updated with the latest software, this could resolve your device overheating issues.

* Turn on Power Saver mode, your device will cool down faster.

* Remove the external case or back cover.

* Let the device to cool down whenever it gets overheated.

4. Slow charging issues If your HTC One M9 is slow charging then follow these steps:

* HTC One M9 comes with Qualcomm QuickCharge 2.0 fast-charging capabilities, however, the charger which comes with device has no support for this feature. Hence, it might seem to you that your device is charging slower.

* Disable unwanted applications that may draining battery resources in the background while syncing.

* To close the app from the background press the back button twice and exit an application, don’t just tap “Home”. By closing the app you will prevent battery drain.

* Don’t use your device or play games while charging the device. It reduces the charging speed of the device.


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