Double-Tap on YouTube Videos to Skip Forward or Backward 10 seconds On iPhone


Double-tap on YouTube videos to skip forward or backward 10 seconds on iPhone. Watching your favorite videos on YouTube has become easier now with this new feature.

While watching a video on YouTube now you can double-tap on the left or right side of the screen to forward or backward a video by 10 seconds. The feature works in both portrait and landscape mode. Read on how to skip a YouTube video for 10 seconds on iPhone.

Skip YouTube Videos For 10 Seconds On iPhone, iPad 

Install the latest version of YouTube on your iPhone, iPad. The YouTube Skip 10 seconds feature works on YouTube 12.04 and later version. Go to the App Store >> Updates and update YouTube to the latest version.

Open YouTube on your iPhone, iPad.

Select and tap to start the video which you want to play.

While you are watching the video double-tap the video on the right-side of the screen to fast forward the video by 10 seconds. You will see “10 seconds” appear on your screen which means that the video is fast forwarded by 10 seconds.

YouTube skip 10 seconds iphone


Double-tapping the video on the left- side of the screen will make the video go backward by 10 seconds and you will see “10 seconds” appear on your screen to show that the video is going back 10 seconds.

The feature also works in full-screen mode as well.

double tap videos to skip or go forward or backword 10 secs


Double -tap YouTube videos to go forward or backward for 10 seconds is available for both iOS and Android users. Have you tried using this feature on iPhone, iPad?

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