8 Ways 3D Printing can be used to create Amazing and Incredible Things


3D printing has provided a huge technological breakthrough, though it is still in early stage. The 3D printing technology involves layer-by-layer printing of three-dimensional objects. However, 3D printing is expensive and slower but can be used to create food materials, human parts, 3D objects and much more.

8 ways 3D printing can be used to create amazing and incredible things.

1. Medical Implants: One of the best use of 3D printing can be in the field of medicine. An 83-year-old woman got a new jawbone which was made from Titanium powder in 2012. The artificial jaw was made from Titanium powder printed in layers using 3D printer. The surgery 83 year old woman was a success as the woman was able to speak and swallow food a day after.

Medical Implants 3D Printing

Researchers from Princeton University have created a bionic ear with integrated electronics using 3D printing which is supposed to detect frequencies which is million times higher than the normal range of hearing.

2. Prosthetics: A dad from Massachusetts after doing research work for two years created a prosthetic hand for his 12 year old son Leon McCarthy was born without fingers on his left hand. His son now is able to pick up food, draw or hold a bottle of water with his homemade prosthetic hand.

3. Pizza: NASA is funding and investigating using printed food in spacecraft for astronauts. The 3D printer will provide astronauts food during long distance space travel. Food cartridges for 3D printers will take less space and will last for 30 years. This prototype of 3D printing is also expected to solve food problem in the world.

4. Guitar: Scott Summi has created the world’s first 3D printed acoustic guitar. With 3D printing guitars can be made with polyamide which is being built layer by layer into the right shape until it gets the right shape.

The guitar was made only in two hours, all the parts of the guitar was printed except the neck and string.

Acoustic 3d guitar

5. 3D Printers: An open source project named as RepRap is capable of designing a 3D printer that can print other 3D printers. The 3D printer machine was successfully tested in 2008 at the University of Bath in the U.K. where it replicated its parts to needed to create a copy of itself.

3d printers

If the project attains its goal, it will be a boon to the humanity in general.

6. Camera Lenses: 3D printing can play a great role in photography. A camera lens is an expensive one, however, with 3D printing you can make your own lens easily.

Camera-Lens 3d

The camera lens is made from acrylic which replaces the glass on the lens and is capable of taking some good snaps.

6. Race Cars: Few students from Changsha University of Science and Technology in China have used 3D printing to help them build a racing car. Last year the students ended in 28th position in car racing model – the FNX-12. This year they are going to use model-FNX13 at a speed of 150 km per hour. The 3D racing car is too expensive to construct, however, students are keeping their fingers crossed that the cost will reduce as the price of the materials will lower.


7. Clothing: What you have to say about 3D printed dress? Model Dita Von Teese has worn the first articulated 3D printed gown especially to fit her body designed by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti . The gown was assembled from 17 pieces and more than 13,000 Swarovski crystals were used to create a flow of the gown.

3d printed gown

8. 3D Foetus: A Japanese Fasotec and Hiroo Ladies clinic has started servive of providing 3D print of your foetus at a cost of 100,000 yen. 3D model of foetus is created by using 3D processed image data with BioTexture.

3d foetus

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