5 Ways To Find Hidden Camera In A Room

Every one of us has the right to privacy but sometimes our privacy is invaded when we are being watched by strangers through hidden cameras in trial rooms, hotels or public-rest rooms.

No body has got the right to snoop on anyone’s privacy. I wonder how people can spy on anyone! Do you feel that you are being watched through hidden cameras in trial rooms or hotel rooms? Here are some ways which can help you to find hidden cameras and protect your privacy. Did you know that you can turn your old Android into a remote spy camera?

find hidden camera in room

Anyways, lets get started with various ways to find a hidden camera in a room.

Ways To Find Hidden Camera In A Room

1. Look Around Your Area Carefully

Whenever you enter a trial room or a hotel take few minutes to go around your surrounding. Check flower pots, furniture, smoke detectors, television sets, electrical sockets, stuffed toys, lampshades etc. A spy camera can be hidden any where, so try to find any thing which seems unusual or suspicious.

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2. Use your Mobile To Detect Hidden Camera

If you are in a trial room you can detect a hidden camera by using mobile phone. When entering a trail room try to make a call to someone from your mobile. If you are able to make a call it means that there is no hidden camera, however, if you are are unable to make a call, leave the room immediately. The hidden camera blocks the reception of your phone, hence you will be unable to make a call.

3. Switch Off Lights and Look Around

If you are in a hotel room or in a private room then switch off the lights and close the curtains. Go through the room carefully by launching the camera of your phone camera without turning on the flash light on. If you find any tiny red or green LED light it means that there is a a hidden camera. If there is no LED light then it means that the room is clear.

4. Two-Way Mirror Test

Whenever you are entering a trial room or a rest-room try two way mirror test to find hidden camera. Spy cameras are tiny so you will not be able to locate them easily, there may be a camera hidden behind the mirror.

To check, place the tip of your finger on the surface of the mirror, if there is a gap between your fingertip and the reflection then it is a normal genuine mirror. If you find the gap between the fingertip and reflection then it it is a two-way mirror.

find hidden camera through smartphone

5. Use Smartphone Apps

Smartphone users can turn their device into a hidden camera detector via apps. iPhone users can install, Hidden Camera Detector worth $4.99 from iTunes which uses your iPhone camera and flash to detect hidden cameras and show you the location.

Android users can try Glint Finder which is a free app in Google Play.

Both the apps however lacks Radio Frequencies (RF) transmitter. Detecting hidden camera is more accurate via Radio Frequencies.

Hoping that you have found above ways useful in finding hidden camera in a room to safeguard your privacy.

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