Best Cheap and Affordable 3D Printers


Are you considering of buying a 3D printer of your own? 3D Printing technology was recently introduced and now it seems that every one wants to have own 3D Printer. 3D Printers are new and comes with a hefty price, however, now the price has come down making them affordable for the average consumer.

Today you can buy a 3D printer at a price of less than a $1000, thanks to crowdfunding sources. Here is the list of 10 cheap and affordable 3D Printers which you can own.

For those who are unaware, 3D Printing technology involves layer-by-layer printing of three-dimensional objects. You can print Prototypes right on your desktop.

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1. Peachy Printer($100)

Peachy Printer is the most affordable 3D Printer which is a Kickstarter Campaign. Peachy Printer works in a unique way, it creates objects with a liquid light-sensitive resin which solidifies when light is from a laser beam. You can see Peachy Printer in action below.

2. Micro 3D Printer($349)

The Micro 3D Printer is the largest 3D printer kickstarter having received more than $1 million in Kickstarter funding. The Micro 3D Printer is powered by next generation Micro Motion Technology which makes it affordable 3D printer for consumers. The printer is just plug and print, making it is easy for everyone to create models, print and see your high quality 3D creation in front of your eyes.

The Micro comes in five different colors – Silver, Black, Blue, Red-Orange and Green.

One of the interesting feature is of the printer is color-changing filaments which you can use to build your objects. You will be able to create objects which will change color when you touch them or while printing. Interesting. isn’t it!

Micro 3D Printer

3. Printrbot ($349)

Printrbot is your DIY 3D printer which is available in 4 different variants. The 3D printer is currently being shipped to 79 countries across the globe.

The 3D printer is highly customizable and you can buy add-on parts as per your requirement.


4. The Phoenix 3D Printer ($699)

The Phoenix 3D printer can be used by everyone and anyone. The printer is easy to use with “rewind” feature if there is an issue and lowest cost per cubic inch print. It supports ABS and PLA.

Users have the option to choose from kit/assembled and extruder.

Phoenix  3d printer

5. Solidoodle ($599)

Solidoodle is a simple plug and print 3D printer. The 3D printer comes in 3 variants – 2nd, 3rd and 4th Generation Solidoodle 3D printers.

The 4th Generation 3D printer has 8” x 8” heated build plate and is the best printer ideal for home and workshop.


6. The Buccaneer ($399)

The Buccaneer is a fully assembled 3D printer at a low price. It is easy to use and print. One of the best thing is that printer is Wi-Fi enabled which lets you to communicate with it via iOS/Android app.

The Buccaneer comes with feature of SmartObjects which is intuitive and lets you to create 3D objects in jiffy.

The Buccaneer

7. Romscraj($375)

Romscraj is a Singapore based company selling 3D printers since last 3 years. Currently, they are providing discount up to 50%.


8. RoBo 3D Printer($799)

RoBo is a low-cost, open source 3D printer which requires no skill to use. You can find details of RoBo printer online and can learn how to make a RoBo 3D. It provides you with professional looking great 3D objects.

Robo 3d printer

9. Cobblebot 3D Printer ($299)

Cobblebot 3D Printer was crowdfunded at Kickstarter and lets you to take professional quality 3D prints. It is not only an affordable printer but also has largest print area. It lets you to print objects up to 15″ x 15″ x 15″.

One of the major feature of this 3D printer is that you can easily customize the color scheme. The colors currently available are Black, Red, Dark Red, Yellow, Silver, Grey, White, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Orange, Natural, Green, Army Green, Pink, or Gold.

Cobblebot 3D Printer

10. Portabee 3D Printer ($595)

Portabee 3D printer is easy to use, small sized portable printer which lets you to 3D print anywhere. It has 50 micron precision and can be easily folded to be taken anywhere.

Portabee 3d printer

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