Change Auto-Lock in iOS 10 – Change/Turn Off Auto-Lock on iPhone


Change Auto-Lock time in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad. The Auto- Lock on iPhone, iPad not only helps in conserving battery life of device but it is also an important Security Settings in iOS 10.

When you keep a shorter Auto-Lock time for your iPhone, iPad, the display of your device will shut off before others get a chance to access your iPhone, iPad.

Let us go through the steps to change/turn off Auto-Lock in iOS 10.

 Change/Turn Off Auto-Lock In IOS 10 

Launch Settings on your iPhone.

Tap on Display & Brightness.


Tap on Auto-Lock.



Set the timing you prefer.


Turn off Auto-Lock on your iPhone and iPad

If you don’t want to enable Auto-Lock on your iPhone, iPad you can always turn off Auto-Lock on iPhone, iPad.

Launch Settings on iPhone,iPad

Tap on Display & Brightness.

Tap on Auto-Lock.

Tap on the Never option.

Auto-Lock in iOS 10 Not Working – Possible Fixes 

Many users are complaining about Auto-Lock not working in iOS 10.

1.  If Low Power Mode is ON Auto-Lock in iOS 10 will not work, turn OFF Low Power Mode.

2. Secondly,

Turn off  passcode at Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode >> Turn Passcode Off.


Restart your device.

Turn on passcode at Settings >> Touch ID & Passcode >> Turn Passcode On

Do you use Auto-Lock in iOS 10 on iPhone, iPad?


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