iOS 11: Protect Missed Calls From iPhone Lock Screen


iOS 11 brings several new features to your iPhone, iPad, and ability to protect missed calls on the iPhone Lock screen is one of them. iOS 11 users will be able to turn on/turn off the ability to return missed calls directly from the iPhone Lock Screen. To return the missed calls from the Lock Screen iPhone user will have to enter Passcode/Face ID.In earlier versions of iOS, anyone who was in possession of the device could return a missed call from the Lock Screen and only way to protect a missed call from the Lock Screen was to jailbreak. Let us find out how to protect missed calls from iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 11.

How To Protect Missed Calls From iPhone Lock Screen In iOS 11

Launch Settings App on Home screen of your iPhone.

Tap on Touch ID & Passcode  or Face ID & Passcode (iPhone X users).



Enter your Passcode when prompted.


Turn Off the switch next to Allow Access When Locked.




Once you have turned off Return Missed Call, you will have to enter Passcode when you tap on a missed call notification on the Lock Screen of iPhone.

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