Best Math Android Apps For 2015


Looking forward to some Math Android apps to solve math problems? Check out some of the best Math Android apps which will be more helpful than a calculator to solve Math problems. You may also like to go through Best Math Apps for iPad!

Whether it is a simple math calculation or a complex equation, you can make Math easy and fun to learn by installing the right Android Apps on your smartphone or tablet. Listed below are some of the best Math Android Apps.

Math apps Android


Best Math Android Apps

1. PhotoMath

PhotoMath is one of the best apps to solve math problems by using the camera of your smartphone. The app shows you steps of how each math problem is solved, you will have to just point your smartphone camera to a Math problem.

The app has, however, some limitations as currently the app cannot recognize handwritten text and has support for only basic arithmetics and algebraic equations.

PhotoMath is available for a free download from Google Play.

2. iMathematics

iMathematics is a free app which is most popular Math app for students. The app has simple and easy to use interface which lets you solve various arithmetic, algebra, geometry problems. It is a must-have app for students who are appearing in exams.

The pro version of the app is also available which lets you learn while advanced topics with various quizzes.

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3. Mathway

Mathway is available for a free download which lets you solve any of the math equation and calculations in a jiffy. The app can solve even most complex equations quickly. One of the best features of the app is that it works offline too.

4. Graphing Calculator by Mathlab

Ideal for Engineering students, Graphing Calculator by Mathlab can solve equations and displays graphs beautifully. The app is simple and easy to use and turns your Android device into a graphing calculator for free. It is capable of solving any type equation fast.

The pro version of the app does not contain ads and can be used without an internet connection.

5. MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator is one of the best Math Android apps which has a simple and intuitive user interface. The app recognizes your handwriting, you can write any equation on the screen and it can solve the problem quickly. It has support for basic arithmetic, trigonometry, logarithms, and percentages.

It uses gestures to delete symbols and numbers and designed for Android devices. Go ahead and try the app for free from Google Play.

6. Calculus Course Assistant

Calculus Course Assistant is ideal for those who are learning Calculus. The app will help you in learning calculus concepts, problems by providing you a step-by-step guide. Using the app you will be able to learn Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, Calculus I, and Calculus II and is powered by the Wolfram.

It is a paid app but worth installing on your Android if you want to learn Calculus.

Which is your best Math Android apps? Feel free to share in a comment below!

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