13 Best OS X Apps for Web Developers and Designers


Mac OS X is a popular platform for developers and designers, web developers need to have the right apps to get their job done on time. In this post we will be going through best Mac OS X Apps for developers and designers which are worth downloading. Hoping that you liked the list on Android Apps For Web Developers, iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Chrome Extensions for Web Developers and Designers.

1. Coda

If you are a web developer then Coda is a must have app on your tool kit. Coda is a powerful all-in-one text editor for the web and allows you to create websites. Coda comes with features which includes autocomplete, built-in FTP and CSS tools which improves your productivity. Coda also lets you to sync sites, passwords to your Mac for security.


2. Xcode

Xcode is free app which you can download from Mac App Store. Xcode is an essential app for developers who are looking forward to develop and submit apps to the Mac App Store.


3. Kaleidoscope

With Kaleidoscope developers can not easily see the files and codes which has been changed but also compare two files and review the changes. One of the important feature of Kaleidoscope is that it also works with image files. Kaleidoscope is priced at $69.99.


4. Chocolat

Chocolat is a text editor for OS X which comes with awesome features including autocompletion of codes, split editing to view two files at a time and more. With Chocolat you can easily check errors within your code and live preview the final outcome.


5. Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is built with Cocoa and is required for working on MySQL databases. It lets you to easily create, remove, export, import and filter databases as per your requirement. With Sequel Pro you get direct access to your MySQL databases on local and remote servers.

sequel pro

6. xScope

xScope has tools which helps in making work efficient for developers and designers. With Xscope you can measure, measuring, inspect and test on-screen graphics and layouts.


7. Virtual Box

VirtualBox is an Open-source software for OS X. With VirtualBox web developers can test the compatibility of their designs and apps on Windows and other OS before making it live.


8. Things

Things is easy to use task manager which lets developers to organize to-do list and improve your productivity.


9. LittleIpsum

LittleIpsum is a free Mac OS X app for Latin text generator. The app is simple and easy to use and can generate words, sentences or paragraphs which you can easily add in your design.


10. On The Job

On The Job is an app which lets you to track time and expenses along with the feature of client invoicing. The app also has the option of billing in multiple currencies options.

On the job

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11. VirtualHostX

Virtual Hhost

12. FileZilla


13. Logoist


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