Fix iPhone White Screen of Death Easily In 5 Ways

iPhone is no doubt one of the best smartphone! However, it has its own problems, “iPhone white screen” or “white screen of death” is one of such problem. In “iPhone white screen” or “white screen of death” the home screen turns white and frozen with nothing on the screen. The problem is weird and very frustrating for the iPhone users. Here’s few things which you can try to fix iPhone white screen of death yourself before taking your iPhone to the Apple Store.

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How To Fix iPhone White Screen of Death

Fix iPhone White Screen of Death

1. Press Several Buttons Simultaneously

iPhone White Screen death can be resolved by holding several buttons simultaneously. Hold the “Home” button and “Power” button simultaneous for a few seconds and wait until the Apple logo comes up on the screen.

2. Using iTunes

Launch the latest iTunes and connect your iPhone to computer using USB cable. Press and hold Home button and Sleep/Wake button for 10 seconds. Now,release the sleep/wake button, continue holding the home button until you get message saying “iTunes discovered Apple device in recovery mode, before the device is used by the iTunes restore your device” and then you have your iPhone in DFU Mode.

3. Three Fingers Trick

It may sound strange but many users have found three fingers trick useful. When you see a white screen use three fingers simultaneously to double tap on the screen.

4. Remove Battery

When you see a white screen on iPhone quickly remove the battery, wait for few seconds and then insert the battery again.

5. Turn Off Auto- Brightness

Light sensor may be the cause of the problem. Go to Settings >> Display & Brightness and turn off auto-brightness.

By following the above mentioned ways you will be able to Fix iPhone White Screen of Death easily!

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