How Mobile Apps have Changed our Methods of Transportation


Every prosperous or “large” city across the world today, most residents complain about the issue of congestion. Getting to and from work is something that every human being must consider when they choose where to live. They must contemplate that drive or train ride, for instance, and what that will be like on a daily basis.
The result of all this Throughout motion is often extensive and long-lived mayhem in transit and on the roads. At the same time, in small towns, rural areas and suburbs, being able to live a fulfilled and happy life means spending at least some time behind the wheel.

The biggest problem that currently exists with transportation is that everyone wants to get where they want as quickly as possible. We all feel entitled to fast transportation without having to pay more or do things differently.

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What’s more, there are no incentives pushing us to change our demand to match what is actually available, because cities cannot reduce the amount of time we’re allowed to spend on the road. Fortunately, as information technology continues to revolutionize the way we interact and work, it is also beginning to change the way that we travel. Below are just some of the apps that have begun to pave the way for our transportation future.
Hey, if you can make it work, there is nothing wrong with the Segway!

Uber Taxi Services and Moving Apps
Today, just about everyone has heard of Uber, the mobile app that enables you to streamline the process of ordering and picking up a taxi as quickly as possible. These services match demand and supply to reduce the amount of cruising that taxi drivers do in an attempt to pick up fares. In other words, cab drivers can save gas, while giving people the transportation they need.

Today, individuals can even access a mobile app designed for making moving homes easier. Pikkup has essentially created an uber for moving that offers clients on-demand moving services for transporting personal belongings where they need to be as quickly and securely as possible.

Apps for Gas Prices and Directions
Today, drivers can access free applications that offer them turn-by-turn driving directions, as well as information as to where they should head for their gas prices based on crowdsourcing data. Users of these apps can input their own information about issues and accidents on the road, while uploading their driving times and informing others about how to get where they need to go as quickly as possible. It’s apps like these that help to direct traffic where the roads of a specific city can actually afford to spare some capacity.
In other words, it directs drivers away from chokepoints and congestion, without the city having to invest in costly sensors and cameras.

The Revolution of Mobile Apps

No matter where you go in the world today, it seems that mobile technology and apps are revolutionizing the way that we live our lives. From making ordering food at a click of a button easier, to helping you move, you’ll find that whatever you need – there’s an app that correlates with that need.


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