Top Smartphone Apps for Buying a Car


Mobile technology is having a huge impact on our lives, consumers who want to buy a car can do a research work before going to a car showroom. With below mentioned smartphone apps you can negotiate to find best deal for your car along with other required information.

Buying a Car

1. Car Research Apps: Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds are known Car research companies who have launched free smartphone apps which enables buyers to check car prices and ratings of both new and used cars. If you desire to buy a car of certain model easily check if dealers around you have that model or not. Using the app users can search for nearby dealers and directions.

2. Car loan or Auto loan Calculator by Bankrate: Want to calculate how much loan you will have to take to buy your dream car. Online auto loan calculators by Bankrate lets buyers to find out the size car you can afford.

Before you apply for loan to buy car it is advisable that you do some research online. With online calculator you can input the interest rate and term of the loan. Click on ‘submit’ button to find the amount of loan you can afford to borrow.

3. USAA Mobile app to find auto insurance: USAA Mobile Auto Circle free app from insurance company USAA which helps USAA customers to locate a dealer to find car, get finance and insure their new car. Customers can also use app to apply for a car loan. Customers who are already having USAA car insurance policy can add their new car to the same policy from the app itself. Easily report an insurance claim by taking photos from within the app.

4. GasBuddy to buy cheap gas: GasBuddy app is a community based app which lets drivers to find the lowest gas prices around their locality fast and easy. No need to pay more for gas now, the app provides the gas prices in easy format. For every gas price reported users will earn points for a prize give-away. The app is available for a free download for all mobile platforms.

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5. Car Maintenance and Repair: Car maintenance is imperative once you become an owner of the car and often neglected by many buyers. With Car Minder app you can be at peace as the app takes care of car maintenance needs by logging repairs and keeping track of tracking fuel. The app can keep track multiple cars, services, repairs and fuel.

Sync the app with iTunes and keep a backup in your computer and share your car maintenance record via email to anyone.

Need to repair your car? Repair Pal solves your purpose, the app lets you to select your car and fill in the type of repair required to find the amount you will have to pay for the repair work in your area. The app will provide you a tentative figure and the estimate may vary in reality.

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