In-Car Technology That Made the Strongest Impression This Year

In-car technology continues to improve along with technological development. GPS units and in-car entertainment are being developed in new and interesting ways that are making older models look truly obsolete.


Here is some of the newer in-car technology that is creating a buzz:

in-car technology

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Sat Nav Technologies

The latest Sat Nav technologies include large 5-inch displays that can be accessed using a mobile app like the Smartphone Link app from Garmin that runs on the iPhone and Android devices. The smartphone can exchange information with the Sat Nav about where you’re parked and the destination plans already in your calendar.

Spoken directions are also getting more lifelike with human-sounding voices that don’t just give vocal directions, but can also mention turns in relation to visible landmarks and buildings that are coming up ahead and easier to spot. Several Sat Nav models can now display images of upcoming junctions to help better understand the flow of traffic, and how to enter and exit each junction successfully.

A Sat Nav can even direct drivers over to pick up some auto body tools or to stop at the Walgreens store if they need to buy some groceries. These types of updates with improved integration between mobile technologies helps to keep these little Sat Nav units relevant in the age of smartphones.

Sun Visor Monitors

Gone are the days when the sun visor was only good for blocking the sun and having a passenger side mirror to fix the hair and check the make-up. Tview make several models of Sun Visor Monitors that have 7-inch crisp TFT screens with 480p resolutions and an ability to display a 4:3 TV image or a 16:9 widescreen image. These monitors will install on a pole that can turn 90 degrees so the screen can be seen by the driver; the pole can pull out and push it back into position when needed. Cool stuff.

Car Headrest Monitors

You don’t need to travel on a jet to enjoy some in-car entertainment as there are plenty of headrest monitors that can fit on the back of the front passenger headrest. The better models include IR transmission that will work well with a wireless headphone set to listen to the audio in peace. Multiple audio and video inputs allows for the sharing of the audio and video with other monitors, and passengers who are along for the ride too. This technology may just stop the kids from fighting over who gets to use the tablet next.

iOnRoad Augmented Driving Pro

The iOnRoad Augmented Driving Pro is an app for Android and iOS that can provide a warning to drivers when they are going off-road, a collision warning, and has a car locator and video dash cam recording.

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