How To Clear Cache On The Samsung Galaxy Note 4


The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a stylish QHD display and a powerful device. However, your phone might start getting slow over time due to app installs and updates. If you are experiencing slow performance of device and apps are crashing, its time to clear cache on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

There are two types of cache- App cache and System cache. The app cache stores the temporary data of various apps whereas the system cache stores temporary data of your device. It is important that you clear cache on Galaxy Note 4 after regular interval so that you don’t get corrupt cached data, crashing or freezing errors.

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How To Clear Cache on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

First let us go through the steps to clear app cache on the Galaxy Note 4:

Clear App Cache on the Galaxy Note 4

1. Head over to the “Settings” option on your device and then tap on “Application Manager”.

2. Now, you will get list of all your apps. Tap on each app one-by-one to clear cahes and tap to “Clear Cache” option. Make sure that you tap on “Clear Cache” and not on “Clear Data” option.

Clear System Cache on the Galaxy Note 4

1. Press and Hold; Power, Volume Up and Home Button simultaneously.

2. Wait until the device starts vibrating, leave the the Power and Home buttons.

3. Your device will be in recovery mode now.

4. Use the volume button to move up and down and select the “Wipe Cache Partition”.

5. Confirm the step by pressing the “Power” button to confirm it.

6. Select “Reboot System” now.

7. Wait until your device reboots.

This is how you clear Cache on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and boost performance of your device!

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