How To Make Samsung Galaxy S5 Run Faster


Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most powerful and fastest smartphone. However, if your Galaxy S5 is running slower, there are few easy tips to make your Galaxy S5 run faster.

1. Turn Off Animations and Transitions

Animations looks great on your smartphone but they affect the performance of your device. Turn off the transition animations. Go to About Device in Settings and tap the Build Number 7 times to enable Developer Options in Settings. Now, tap Transition Animation Scale and turn it off.

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make galaxy s5 run faster

2. Turn Off S Voice S Voice is the Samsung’s personal assistant. You can turn off S Voice on the Galaxy S5 to speed up the response time of home button.To launch S Voice you are required to press the home button two times. When you press the key once the system waits for a few seconds to see if you will press the key second time also to launch S Voice.

How To Turn Off S Voice on Galaxy S5

Double tap your home button to launch S Voice.

Now, Tap on three dot menu icon in the upper right corner of Home screen.

Tap on “Settings” options.

Navigate to the Wake-Up section and uncheck “Open via the home key”.

3. Get a New Launcher

The TouchWiz of Samsung is not that smooth and many users have experienced issues. By opting for a new launcher, you can make Galaxy S5 run faster and provide better user experience.
Go to the Google Play Store to find the best launcher for Galaxy S5. You can opt for Action Launcher, Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher.

4. Remove Unwanted Apps and Bloatware

To make your Galaxy S5 run faster, remove unwanted apps and bloatware. Galaxy S5 comes loaded with bloatware and unwanted apps. The unwanted apps may be running in the background which in turn takes up system memory. If you are on rooted Galaxy S5 you can remove bloatware completely. For users who don’t have rooted device, you can disable the bloatware.

To disable unwanted apps from Galaxy S5

Go to the app drawer.

Select “Uninstall/disable apps” from the Menu option.

Select the app which you want to remove and tap to confirm the removal.

5. Limit Background Processes

Speed up your Galaxy S5 by limiting the number of apps or processes running in the background. To limit the apps or processes, enable the developer mode on your device. To enable developer mode, go to “Settings” and tap “About Phone” under the System tab and then tap the Build Number seven times.

Under Developer Options, navigate to “Apps” and then to “Limit background processes”.

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6. Restart or Reset Galaxy S5

Last but not the least, restart or reset your Galaxy S5 to improve performance.

To restart, Hold down the power button for few seconds, a pop-up will appear with options of restart and power off. Select “restart”.

For Factory Reset of Galaxy S5.

Go to “settings” and tap the” Backup and Reset” option under the User and Backup tab. Navigate to the bottom to find the “Factory Data Reset” option.

By following the above tips, you will for sure make Galaxy S5 run faster!

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