Ridlr App Review- Ridlr Makes Public Transport Easy

Public Transport is an integral part of any city. It is difficult to imagine city life without a proper Public Transport network. Every day people travel to their school, office by bus, metro, train and monorail. Public Transport is cheaper, less stressful, helps in reducing road traffic and pollution. However, the transport system has its own challenges and positives.

Birds Eye Systems has developed an app called as “Ridlr” which makes public transport easier to use by providing you real-time information about bus, train and metro schedules. You can also locate the nearest bus stop or metro station and download time-tables on Android to use offline.

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The app is available for a free download on Google Play Store and works currently in eight cities in India which includes Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, New Delhi, Chennai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Hyderabad. Ridlr is planning to expand its reach to other major cities also. The app covers BEST,TMT,NMMT,KDMT,MBMT,Western Railway, Central Railway,Harbour Railway,Trans Harbour Railway, Diva Roha Train, Mumbai Metro, Monorail in Mumbai, DTC,Delhi Metro, Rapid Metro in New Delhi and BMTC, Bangalore Metro.

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Ridlr Review

Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your Android smartphone/tablet you will be prompted to choose a city. On selecting the city, example, Bangalore. The screen of the app displays an option to “View TimeTable”, “Plan Your Travel” and “Favourite Time Table”. The bus timetable option lets users to search buses by the number or name or from one point to another. Whereas, the train timetable option lets users look up trains based on starting and destination stations. The plan your travel option in the app automatically detects the current location of the user as “Starting Pont” and when you add a “Destination” within the same city you will get suggestions to reach your destination by bus, train, metro, walking or by a rickshaw. With the “Favourite Locations” option users can save their favourite location as home, office and more for easy access.

When you click on the timetable of bus, you can choose the option “FROM A TO B” if you are new to the city and unaware about the bus number or name. You will be presented with a screen which will provide you with the expected time of arrival of the bus along with the list of bus stops. Users can also change the date and time to see which bus on your route will arrive first. Zoom in the map in full screen to see the route of your bus by tapping on the boarding stop and destination. The app also sends alerts to its users when metro or bus services are unavailable due to certain circumstances in their locality.

When you swipe the app in from the left, you will be presented with another menu, which includes a “Home” button which will take you to the starting screen of the app, “Nearby Stops”, will show bus stops and Metro stations nearby your locality. It uses “Google Maps” for bus and metro routes.

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The Ridlr app lets its users to check timetables even when they are offline. Earlier, the app had a feature known as “Hop On” which allowed users to share their location in real-time with everyone on the Ridlr network when they boarded a train or a bus. However, “Hop On” feature is discontinued now.

Design and User Interface

Ridlr app has a simple design and easy user interface which allows users to use the app without any issues on their Android smartphone or tablet. The app has all the essential tabs from which users can easily view timetable of train or bus, plan their travel from one stop to another within the city and find the nearby stops for bus and train.

People Behind Ridlr

Ridlr is founded by Birds Eye Systems Private Limited. Birds Eye Systems was launched in 2010 by co-founders Brijraj Vaghani and Ravi Khemani. The first product of Birds Eye System was Traffline, an app that provides users with real time traffic updates in their cities. Ridlr is the second application by the team which makes the use of Public transport easier for the masses.

Brijraj Vaghani and Ravi khemani were both living in the US when they noticed that people check the traffic status online in their city before going out and they planned to provide the same concept to the people living in India.

Traffline is available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Kolkata.

The company has raised funding from Qualcomm Ventures and Matrix Partners India.

Features of the Ridlr App

– View live and accurate arrival and departure timings of bus, train, metro & monorail in your city.

– Easily access database of bus, train, metro & monorail timetables! Plan your travel well ahead of time.

– Find the smartest and fastest routes and distance between any two points.

– Get access to all the nearby metro, train or bus stops on the map around you.

– Plan your city travel using one or multiple modes of public transport.

– Use the timetables to check arrival/departure timings of bus, metro, train and monorail even without an internet connection.

– Plan for travel for a later time of departure based on when you want to arrive at the destination.

– Save regular or most used routes to favourites for easy access later.

– Track your journey stop-by-stop on the map, even with multiple transport modes.

Final Verdict
The app is useful and user friendly, it provides users with detailed information along with maps about routes and time-table of bus, train, metro and monorail travel in your city. The app will for sure save your time and makes public transport easier for you. The app uses Google Maps to improve the accuracy.

Why are you waiting? Go ahead and install the app from the link given below on your Android. Invite your friends to download the app and earn credits.

Download Ridlr app on Android

Want to know more about the app, check out the links below:

Ridlr Facebook Page- http://bit.ly/1I13O9N

Ridlr Twitter Page- http://bit.ly/1e7upr9

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