Stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Phone Number With Facebook


Whatsapp has updated its first privacy policy update in four years after being acquired by Facebook. According to the privacy policy update, Whatsapp will be sharing your phone number and other Account information with Facebook to provide better-targeted ads.

How To Stop Whatsapp From Sharing Your Phone Number With Facebook

There are three ways by which you can stop Whatsapp from sharing the phone number with Facebook.

Option 1

When you launch WhatsApp you will get a prompt to Agree to its new terms of service. You will find a checkbox and an Agree button. You will have to uncheck the box to opt out of the agreed terms.

whatsapp facebook sharing

Option 2

If you are upset with the latest privacy policy of Whatsapp, you can opt-out within 30 days from agreeing to the terms to stop from sharing data with Facebook.

Launch WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Tap Settings on the right bottom corner.

stop whatsapp sharing phone number with facebook

Tap Account.

whatsapp sharing facebook

Tap the switch to disable Share My Account Info.

stop whatsapp sharing facebook


Option 3

If you are concerned about the privacy issue, simply go ahead and uninstall Whatsapp. Well, you can try these Whatsapp Alternatives for iPhone.

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